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Cutting Edge Designer Fashion at Bargain Prices Awaits at Simply Posh + Posh Jewelers

Savvy women today love a good bargain, and what better way to shop than at a designer consignment store?

Presented by Simply Posh + Posh Jewelers August 24, 2017

Designer treasures at bargain prices, the thrill of the hunt, leaving behind a smaller footprint: this is what inspires consignment shoppers and what inspired Sally Bowdle and her partners, Bonnie Ziegler and Kari Rex, to buy into an existing consignment store, New to You, in McMinnville 35 years ago. Celebrating the 4th anniversary in October of a second Lake Oswego location, Simply Posh + Posh Jewelers, the team of three continue to game change resale couture, offering shoppers one of a kind treasures at affordable prices.

Over 12,000 consignors bring in gently worn gems from coveted runway icons such as Chanel, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Dior, stocking Simply Posh + Posh Jewelers daily with bar-raising, fashion forward bargains that make outfit assembly an economical art. "Finding that beautiful handbag or pair of designer shoes you've been worshipping show up in your favorite resale shop is truly thrilling," says Bowdle, "especially when you know what the original price tag was!"

For those new to the resale concept, items are brought into the store, priced to sell, and consignors have a choice of cash for items sold or store credit to shop with. Says the partners "our customers love having store credit to spend on items they've had their eye on."

One of Simply Posh's first ever customers shared how excited she was the store opened in Lake Oswego, how hard she works for her money, and how much she appreciates a good value.

Reclaimed fashion is not just a win for the wallet but for the environment as well. Says Bowdle "when we recycle, not only do we feel good about the footprint we leave behind, but it keeps our dollars in the community where we live, supporting local small businesses as well."

Resale appeals to everyone, from fashionistas seeking new items weekly to college students and trendy teens who are new to the hunt concept and have "embraced resale shopping in a big way" according to the partners. "The style of today's mainstream retailers can look the same as what is offered in resale stores," they continue, "the only difference is price, and our younger generation is showing how savvy they are with their dollars."

Along with women's fashions, Simply Posh offers unique trends for juniors and men, as they've found that men love resale almost as much as women.

In the heart of the store is Simply Posh Jewelers, run by Mark Hoyt, an award winning jewelry designer who approached the partners with the idea of offering a stunning display of designer and estate jewelry at modest prices inside of Simply Posh. With pieces from Tiffany and Company, Cartier, Oscar Hyman, Rolex, Harry Winston, and David Yurman being consigned, along with rare estate adornments, Hoyt combines his master jeweler experience with the resale concept, hand picking a selection of fine jewelry through a formal appraisal process to establish value.

Says Hoyt "our jewelry offering consists of one of a kind exquisite custom jewelry and timeless vintage pieces that invoke the mystery and elegance of the past." A particularly compelling story has to do with one consignor's vision: rather than collecting the proceeds from her consigned collection, sales go to "Preserve the Wonder" by the Friends of the Columbia Gorge, ensuring the preservation of the Gorge and leaving a legacy to north-westerners. One piece in the jewelry collection is a stunning emerald cut 62.05 carat aquamarine gem stone pendant that appraises for over $30,000 and will sell at Simply Posh Jewelers for half that.

Consignment offers a way for shoppers to love what they own, then recycle it to someone else to appreciate just as much. As they say, "wear it, adore it, consign it.

Learn more about Simply Posh + Posh Jewelers here.

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