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5 Parties You’d Throw in These 5 Dream Kitchens

Have a second? Take a break and daydream about beautifully designed kitchens, courtesy of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design.

Presented by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design September 6, 2017

Picture1 wwjc2v

 1. A Simply Sophisticated Soiree

Clean lines, an open cooktop, and all-white finishes make your colorful food, drink, and guests really pop. You’ll wear something elegant, cool, and comfortable and present your guests with a bountiful cheese and fruit plate, plenty of finger food, and a boozy punch in a gorgeous carafe.  There’s plenty of room for everyone to help themselves while you enjoy their sparkling company - you have great taste in all things, not just design and food. See the rest of your elegant home here.

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 2. A Spirited Spread

The bold colors and mix of trendy and traditional finishes in this kitchen denote a playfulness, eccentricity, and charm that make your house the center of your wide social circle’s impromptu gatherings. You’re ready for anything with two sinks and plenty of counter space, so your friends have ample room to put the finishing touches on the side dishes they’ve brought while you pour the wine. Does this kitchen tickle your fancy? You’ll love this.

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3. An Elegant Eat-In

You’re a gourmet cook, and presentation is everything. This dining room, complete with a long table and gorgeous mirrored sideboard, is the perfect place to wow your guests with your latest culinary triumph. You host the type of parties that are remembered not by the time of the year they were held, or the occasion they were celebrating, but by the food that is served. Want more dining spaces to dream about? Live out your tablescape fantasies here.

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4. Grown-Up Game Night

You have a close group of friends who love to meet up for games and a few beers after a long work week - your well-appointed and roomy banquet gives this casual gathering a real sense of comfort and style. Conversation is easy, and there are no sore losers among you. Well, maybe one, but they cheer up fast. See the rest of your spacious home here.

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5. A Rejuvenating Reunion

Old friends have come in from out of town, and you haven’t seen them for a long time. You are preparing a delicious and complex meal, with fresh local ingredients and lots of components. As soon as your friends arrive, everyone gathers in the kitchen and it feels like no time has passed at all as you catch up. The intelligently designed space makes it easy to keep up with the conversation without missing a single step of the complex recipe you’ve chosen. It’s going to be a night to remember.

Interested in turning these dreams into reality? Garrison Hullinger Interior Design is in that business. Find us at garrisonhullinger.com to learn more about our dreamy projects and the real people who bring them to life.