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Tips For Organizing Work & Personal Spaces Around The House

Organization: it’s easy for some and extremely difficult for others.

Presented by Closet Factory September 12, 2017

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Imagine all the time that’s lost because of a disorganized closet or an office that’s horribly cluttered. It should get you thinking about how this chaos in both your personal and work spaces can prevent you from being…well, you.

When we try to deal with the mess, we may end up failing because of how overwhelming it feels. The key to making this organizational puzzle work is to not try and do everything at once. Take it one piece (or project) at a time.

The challenge with staying organized is that no two people are exactly the same. Some are very visual, and prefer open spaces like cubbies and shelves, while others prefer to compartmentalize their belongings, feeling confident that everything is in its proper drawer or cabinet.

First, decide what type of organizer you are before you get started.

Work Space

Your home office is your bread and butter; the place where you get stuff done. Whether you run an at-home business or simply use the office to pay bills, it’s important that your work space is kept neatly organized.

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When organizing your office, place an emphasis on functional furniture, equipment, and drawers. It needs to be a place that is both quiet AND inspiring, so decorate it with things that you love! Zebra wallpaper, a fur rug, photos of your family, a pink leather chair…Go crazy! Make it uniquely yours.

Is your filing system not cutting it for you? Color-code your files into two categories: your work files and private files. You can even go a step further and add sub categories: taxes, schoolwork, etc.

If you’re one of those people who give random things a home in a drawer, stop right away. Empty out those drawers and only put things like pens, clips, staples, paper clips, and white out. Nothing else should go inside.

Personal Space

Your office isn’t the only thing that connects you with success; your personal space is equally important to a productive day.

Start by organizing your closet, where saving 15 minutes out of your normally hectic morning routine can positively impact the rest of your day. Know where everything is - from your belts to your boots - be designating a specific space for every piece of your wardrobe. Again, if you're a visual organizer, go with open elements like cubbies and shelves over cabinets and drawers.

When cleaning out your bedroom, ask yourself five questions:

  • Do you want this?
  • Do you need this?
  • Can you throw it away?
  • Can you give it away?
  • Can you live without it?

All the items in the “give away” and throw away” sections should be purged ASAP. Next, place the “live without” items in a box or bag and keep them to the side for later review.

When your closet and bedroom are cleaned out, return the “want” and “need” items to their designated areas.

The best way to go about this space transformation is piece by piece. For example, work your magic in one drawer a day for one hour each day. Do NOT exhaust yourself. Getting organized should be a satisfying experience, not stressful.

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When your spaces are a mess, your energy and productivity are negatively affected. Start slow and your quality of live will surely improve!

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