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Get High on Love—and Chocolate

Serra + Woodblock Chocolate bring back their popular bonbon, with a little extra THC.

Presented by Serra Cannabis January 30, 2018

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Image: Kenton Waltz

Portland’s cannabis lifestyle brand Serra and Woodblock Chocolate have once again teamed up to bring together high-quality ingredients—a pure distillate of cannabis with single origin chocolate—to their Hazelnut & Sea Salt bonbon. With control over every aspect of the process--from the craft chocolate they are using to the oil made from flower grown by their partners at Pruf Cultivar--this duo delivers innovative, delicious products that exceed customer expectations from flavor to dosage. “Our goal with this brand and our chocolates is to create beautifully crafted cannabis edibles that appeal to both the novice and seasoned user, sourcing the best ingredients possible,” says Holly Hukill, Serra’s Director of Product Development.

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Image: Kenton Waltz

And this bonbon does just that. Infused with a terpene rich cultivar that’s high in caryophyllene, pinenes, and myrcene, these bonbons include a hazelnut praline ganache with Woodblock Chocolate’s 60% Peruvian milk chocolate enrobed in their dark chocolate blend, topped with roasted hazelnuts and Jacobsen Salt Co. hand-harvested sea salt.

What’s different about the bonbons this year, however, is that they’ve increased the cannabis from 5mg to 10mg per piece. The bonbons come in a two-pack; one for you and one for yours. For those with a lower tolerance, an insert card with a diagram allows you to cut the chocolate perfectly in half if you prefer a 5mg portion.

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Image: Kenton Waltz

Chocolate and cannabis are a great combination because both have distinctive tasting notes. However, if you’re new to edibles, you shouldn’t worry about the cannabis overwhelming the chocolate because most of the terpenes in the bonbons are removed. The terpenes that do remain are hand-picked and inspired by flavor; in this case, the chosen cultivar has a sweet, citrusy profile with a hint of pepper and spice.

“Unlike other edibles, there is little to no cannabis taste. If anything, it has a richer, earthier flavor,” says Hukill.

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Image: Kenton Waltz

Serra and Woodblock Chocolate have already become a hit in the high-end edibles market with their core line of three bean-to-bars, featuring single origin milk and dark chocolate, and have been featured nationally in venues like Food & Wine magazine. “We’re not just working with craft chocolate and high-quality flower though; we’re collaborating with amazing partners. It’s a truly unique collaboration with people, companies, and products to create something special.”

This isn’t their first time bringing a limited-edition product to market. Besides the bonbons, last winter they partnered with Jacobsen Salt Co. to create a chocolate bar with the perfect balance of sweet, tart, nutty, and salty all in one bite.

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Image: Kenton Waltz

The Hazelnut & Sea Salt bonbons are available starting February 1 in both of Serra’s downtown and Belmont locations, as well as in local dispensaries including Electric Lettuce, Oregrown, Five Zero Trees, and Attis Trading Company.

Visit or call Serra at 220 SW 1st Ave (971-279-5613) and 2519 SE Belmont St. (971-803-5580). Or shop their products online here.