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The Ruddy Duck – the Perfect Excuse for a Daytrip to Hood River!

Forward fashion in an old school setting

Presented by The Ruddy Duck February 27, 2018

Everything about The Ruddy Duck draws you in. This “something for everyone” mini-department store lives in a creatively restored 1930’s house located on a leafy green corner in beautiful downtown Hood River.

The Ruddy Duck was originally opened in 2006 as a women’s clothing and furniture store. The business has since grown to include men’s and children’s wear, globally collected textiles, shoes, jewelry, accessories and swimwear. The owners Tassie and Cecily, a mother daughter duo, live, work, play, raise their families and travel the world together selecting the goods for The Ruddy Duck. Inspired by the Northwest lifestyle, the apparel collection is uniquely fashionable, uncompromisingly comfortable, travel worthy and reasonably priced. 

Tassie and Cecily have a passion for travel and stock the gift department from their globetrotting. Their most recent area of interest is Rajasthan, a state in Northwest India. Working with small family run textile houses gives them intimate access to the culture. It also allows them to confirm responsible working conditions, support the local economy and employment for women. Each adventure gives them a better understanding of the wider world and the opportunity to bring small pieces of it back to the store. The textiles are made of high grade cotton, uniquely designed prints and exceptional workmanship. These treasures make for wonderful one of a kind gifts. 

In addition to their international buying, Tassie and Cecily make regular trips to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Portland and San Francisco keeping the inventory fresh and interesting all year long. The historical building and thoughtfully curated merchandise are just part of what makes The Ruddy Duck worth returning to time and again.

The talented group of women who make up the sales staff, visual merchandising team and administrative crew are the beating heart of “Duck World”. The retail therapy gurus are each approachable, humble and talented stylists who assist customers with genuine interest and authenticity. The visual merchandisers create inspiring, adventurous yet adoptable looks on display and the unseen administrators keep the wheels on so everything runs smoothly. The customer experience is refreshing thanks to all the effort put forth by the staff. 

The Ruddy Duck offers an entertaining and inspiring shopping experience in a relaxing, service oriented atmosphere. Lastly, the perfect way to celebrate a successful shopping mission is to grab a huckleberry shake next door at Mike’s Ice Cream, another one of the family’s businesses. Stopping a 504 Oak Street in Hood River is always a memorable experience.


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The Ruddy Duck