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Caviar Food Delivery Serves the Northwest

Quell hunger with quality bites, delivered to your doorstep

Presented by Caviar By Ben McBee March 7, 2018

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It was only a matter of time until technology rose to the challenge of satiating the hunger of the masses by bringing enticing entrees directly to their doorstep. Enter Caviar, the food delivery service that has landed in cities across the country, including Portland, catapulting the industry into a new age. 

Founded in 2012, Caviar was acquired two years later by Square, the mobile payment company known for their iconic point of sale devices used everywhere from food trucks to veterinary clinics. Square offers a suite of tools and services for businesses, with Caviar enabling the company to reach and empower even more restaurants.

With Caviar’s free mobile app for iOS and Android, diners can order grub for immediate delivery or even schedule ahead through the easy-to-use interface. GPS tracking allows visibility from pickup to drop off, and real-time notifications are sent at every step in between. The Caviar app also offers Caviar Pickup, as another option for diners who don’t need their meals delivered right to their door. 

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The question remains – how does Caviar differentiate itself from other food delivery services? A Caviar spokesperson shed some light on the distinction, saying, “We’re a partner to every single restaurant on our platform. We offer ordering from the best restaurants in town, and are raising the bar for the types of meals you can get delivered. We offer exclusive food content like Secret Menu items, and even do delivery-only pop-ups with top restaurants in certain markets across the country.”

When hunger strikes, no longer are your options restricted to the fast-food joints down the street, and with all of the delectable culinary options the Pacific Northwest has to offer, that is excellent news. 

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In Portland, beef pho from Luc Lac, Pok Pok’s signature chicken wings marinated in fish sauce, Nong's Khao Man Ghai’s eponymous dish and Yellowfin ahi tuna poke from Boke Bowl are all up for grabs – the wide world of food is literally at your fingertips.

Caviar’s effort to work with first-rate eateries demonstrates its attention to what people want. Its partnerships range from crave-worthy food trucks to Michelin-rated establishments – more than 4,000 restaurants in 19 major urban areas.

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Some of Seattle’s outstanding diners are deliverable as well: Evergreens, Mamnoon Street, Tutta Bella and Bok a Bok Fried Chicken are highlights in the Emerald City.

Because it aims to meet the needs of the metropolitan demographic, Caviar accommodates the professional realm seamlessly. Office lunches jump to the next level with Caviar For Team solutions that encompass group ordering, corporate accounts and catering. “Choose a restaurant and share a unique link with your team. Everyone adds their items and the order is delivered together,” the company says. “Easily let employees order on their own. Set spending limits and bill to specific projects or departments. Feed groups of 10–200+ with platters, lunch boxes, and other restaurant favorites.”

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The menus on Caviar's menu are always growing and evolving, and oftentimes, the delivery of those foods is exclusive. If you’ve got a late evening hankering for an 18 inch “Diablo Blanco” from Apizza Scholls, yearning for Frito Pie from Podnah's Pit BBQ or even a bucket of fried chicken wings (no judgment) from The Country Cat, Caviar has got your back (and belly).

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By enabling restaurants across the country to reach more customers, grow their sales and expand their reach, it’s really a win-win.

Caviar offers gift cards at four different values, making it a great present for any occasion. Who doesn’t love receiving delicious restaurant cooking in the comfort of one’s own home?