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Confessions of a Mathematician Turned Baker

Otari Kobalia is the founder of Glutenull, a vegan and gluten free wholesale bakery in Vancouver Canada that has grown a cult following in its hometown. His products are now available at Whole Foods in Oregon!

Presented by Glutenull March 22, 2018

Buckwheat bread glutenull rzx8uf

Buckwheat Bread

To switch to healthy eating may be very difficult in the beginning but to switch back to unhealthy food after many years is even harder. I think that’s because your body learns to reject what’s bad for you.

Before opening our bakery the only gluten free product I had initially developed was Buckwheat bread. That’s because it was very close to home. Buckwheat was known to me since childhood, not as a gluten free ingredient, but as one of my favorite dishes. In Eastern Europe boiled Buckwheat seeds are a regular food staple at breakfast served as kasha, or as a side for lunch and in my case even dinner. Continuing with what I know best, I created many of Glutenull’s products from ingredients that I personally love and enjoy myself.

As a vegetarian since 1980, I’ve learnt to source my energy from super foods and developed a palate for a wholesome diet. Thus, unknowingly I also became an inventor of a future project in my life that is now Glutenull. Although the emphasis of Glutenull is on gluten free and vegan production, it is so much more than that and at the same time, so much simpler. It is just ‘good food’ – natural, nourishing, ethical and delicious. 

Coco moko cookies vn8umq

Coco Moko Cookies

Yet good food sometimes needs a lot of work. Before launching Glutenull’s line of cookies, bars and granola, I relied on intuition and experience, putting together ingredients that I thought would pair well.

For example, our Buckwheat Granola bars are also very similar to one of my all time favorite nut and honey deserts called ‘gozinaki’, made in my birth country Georgia. Though not well known in other parts of the world Georgian recipes are unique and have thousands of years of history. So here was my chance to use some tricks from my ancestors.

However, to replicate my favorite deserts I was faced with a serious obstacle – sugar. Wanting to make my product available to everyone, I had to find an alternative sweetener to refined sugar that was both natural and vegan. After some research and trials, I decided on coconut sugar, now used in most of our products including our Coco Moko cookies and our dark chocolate Buckwheat cookies. The taste and texture of coconut sugar is a lot like brown sugar, yet in comparison, it contains less fructose, letting your liver metabolize it in a healthier way. In addition coconut sugar has nutrients like zinc and iron as well as antioxidants.

Goji berries in chocolate ibn4oz

Goji Berries in Chocolate

In the end, through a process more of a musical composer, dozens of different compositions have been created that I am now proud to present to my customers. 

Yet of course it’s not all down to me. Our team at Glutenull is a small but tight knit family and although, we distribute our products to hundreds of stores, we are still very much an artisan bakery, with our hands, head and heart deep in the process.

While, most mass-produced breads and baked goods are made with chemicals and high-energy mixers to speed up fermentation, the production at Glutenull, takes anywhere from 4 - 20 hours, allowing the natural enzymes to react with ingredients in their own time. In turn the products are richer in flavor, healthier and better for your digestion.

In our books, slow and steady wins the race.

Learn more at www.glutenull.com.

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