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Top Spots to Hike in Southern Oregon

From family-friendly to the seasoned hiker, Southern Oregon offers a variety of trails, parks and terrain for any outdoor explorer.

Presented by Travel Medford March 14, 2018

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While true outdoor enthusiasts play all year long — winter skiing, summer swimming and autumn bike trips — spring is the ultimate season for outdoor activities. Maybe you have already unpacked your hiking boots in anticipation of hitting the trails. And with Southern Oregon’s lovely spring weather, you won’t have to wait much longer.

Nature has painted a unique setting in Southern Oregon; one that attracts locals and visitors with its enchanting beauty. Dazzling hiking trails, alluring state parks, and warm spring sun with the lightest touch of a winter chill beckon adventurers of all ages and skill levels.

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Many of Medford’s hiking trails are family-friendly, but still offer a challenge for experienced hikers. No Southern Oregon trail is more sought after and well-known than the Table Rocks. With two parts — the Upper and Lower Table Rock — this natural attraction is visited by over 10,000 people every year. The views from the cliffs stretch across the Rogue Valley, with a blanket of sky reaching out endlessly over the landscape. And spring is the best time to see wildflowers and birds in their natural setting.

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Prescott Park is another addition to Medford’s hiking and biking scene. While you’re hiking one of the many trails, take advantage of the several lookout points with mesmerizing views. If your feet are ready to walk, climb and traverse, you won’t be disappointed by Prescott Park, which offers 1,740 acres of hiking and mountain biking trails. A good way to break in your new hiking shoes!

Oregon also has many beautiful state and national parks, but none so alluring as those located in the heart of Southern Oregon.

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Crater Lake National Park is the gemstone of Southern Oregon, with sapphire blue water, sheer cliffs and a volcanic history. At more than a mile in depth, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in North America. It’s truly the experience of a lifetime.

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If you want to make a day of visiting the Table Rocks, take a trip to the TouVelle State Recreation area. Located near the Rogue River and at the bottom of the Table Rocks, it’s the perfect area for family picnics. The 58-acre park is brimming with trails and opportunities for a spontaneous fishing trip.

The sounds, sights and smells of spring refresh the soul. When you’re seeking the ultimate outdoor adventure, Medford answers the call at TravelMedford.org.