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Serra Cannabis Joins Design Week Portland 2018

Open house events explore the intersection of weed and art

Presented by Serra Cannabis By Ben McBee April 16, 2018

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Image: Kenton Waltz

Just a block from the waterfront, visitors to downtown can step off 1st Avenue into an ethereal space, where ample natural light falls on floral mosaic tile floors and elegant glass cabinets. Contemporary ring-shaped light fixtures hang from the ceiling and verdant shrubs occupy the corners and the walls. No, it’s not a café, nor a barbershop.  The sign over the door reads “Serra” – the Italian word for greenhouse – but you won’t find any petunias here. Instead look to the signature neon sign for clues to this boutique’s wares – “Quality Drugs” are what you’ll find at this trendy Portland dispensary.

At Serra Cannabis, “Customers enter a living, breathing space, evoking lushness and sophistication; an atrium and retail space intertwined to create an experience like no other.” says Chasity Roesler, the business’s marketing director. “It’s comfortable here. You can bring your mom or your grandma or your best friends here.”

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Image: Kenton Waltz

A trailblazer on Portland’s weed scene since 2016, Serra Cannabis seeks to take progressive pot culture to new heights as an experiential lifestyle brand, seeing success at both its downtown and Belmont locations largely because of its unique products and sleek aesthetic.

This year during Design Week Portland (April 14-21), Serra is celebrating the talented artists that helped craft this chic style. “Three incredible design partners of Serra are going to take over our downtown Serra flagship in their own unique way,” explains Roesler. “We are releasing a limited edition Modern Druggist tee that was made in collaboration with Thomas C. Bradley.” Additional exclusive products will be available at in-store pop up collections, including Stonedware smoking accessories by Ariel Zimman and items from Gary Bodker Designs.

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Image: Kenton Waltz

Marijuana aficionados, art-lovers, and curious travelers - really anyone who’s interested (21 and older) can drop by for an office tour, learn from creatives in a new industry and check out the paper rolling station. Grab some food, drink, a goodie bag and then make sure to enter the raffle. 

Of course, the highlight of the open house will be Serra Cannabis’ superior bud, and with special 4/20 deals coming up, the time has never been better to check out all they have to offer. A wide variety of edibles, vapeables, concentrates and topical products are available, and each strain of grass is labeled for the kind of high it induces: energy, focus, happiness, creativity, relaxation, and relief.

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Image: Kenton Waltz

After a stressful day, “Astral Works” will siphon the worries away, and if you prefer your strains like dessert, “Key Lime Pie” or “Raspberry Tart” will satisfy the sweeter cravings. Sophisticated smokers can sign up for the loyalty program and gain access to special prices, access to fresh products and entrance to premier events. 

The future is green for Serra Cannabis, and the company will continue to grow (pun intended) through inspired partnerships and solid relationships within the community. “Serra is working on a handful of special collaborative projects throughout the year.” Roesler says. “As a multi-channel retailer that showcases unique design, we look forward to offering additional, thoughtful products to Portland in 2018.” 

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Image: Kenton Waltz

As cannabis becomes a more accepted aspect of society, its expression in the creative world is entering a new era, embodying a previously untapped clientele and breaking stereotypes. “Art and cannabis are kindred,” says Roesler. “Cannabis has had an influence in music, art, design, fashion and pop-culture in almost every facet via the pioneers and innovators in those creative realms.” On your next visit, don’t be surprised to find suited businessmen browsing the bongs.