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Art of the Table: 2018 Food and Drink Series

Portland Japanese Garden brings authentic Japanese cuisine to Portland

Presented by Portland Japanese Garden May 15, 2018

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Food is a natural path to learning about another culture. With ties to a region’s resources, history, and values, food can embody a society bite by bite. In Japan, the intense attention paid to the preparation, consumption, and appreciation of food has elevated it beyond simple sustenance to an art form. Explore and uncover the art of craft found in Japanese cuisine with the Portland Japanese Garden’s new cultural series, Art of the Table.

Kinmata  a taste of kaiseki. photo courtesy of kinmata. u1quqv

Kinmata: A Taste of Kaiseki (SOLD OUT)

June 3, 12-3pm & 6-9pm

The Ukai family has run Kinmata, a traditional inn and fine dining restaurant in Kyoto since 1801. Today, it remains one of the best places to experience the haute cuisine of Kyoto: the multi-course, seasonal meal known as kaiseki. Nine members of the Kinmata team are coming to Portland to prepare a five-course meal with local ingredients. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime meal.

Takewaka  sushi demonstration and reception. photo courtesy of takewaka qialgu

Takewaka: Sushi Demonstration & Reception

July 13, 6-8:30pm

The Garden welcomes the chef and manager from Takewaka restaurant in Tokyo. Enjoy a demonstration and learn about Takewaka’s daily ritual which transforms fresh fish from the famous Tsukiji fish market into delectable sushi. Guests will enjoy sushi, beer, and sake on the Garden’s scenic Pavilion Veranda and Overlook.

Sake tasting with joto sake. photo by jonathan ley. en2quu

Image: Jonathan Ley

Sake Tasting with Joto Sake

October 25, 5-8:30pm

Connect with the culture of Japan through its signature beverage: sake. Explore the structure, history, and brewing of a selection of sakes from Japanese microbreweries presented by representatives of Joto Sake. Appetizers specifically paired to enhance the tasting experience will be provided by Biwa, a popular local Japanese izakaya, or gastropub.

Wine tasting with torii mor. photo by peter friedman. zvbo7y

Wine Tasting with Torii Mor

November 8, 6-8:30pm

Join us for an exclusive evening of wine tasting with Torii Mor Winery, the official winery of Portland Japanese Garden. Grown and produced on ten acres in the Dundee Hills. At this special tasting created for the Garden, explore the art of pairing Japanese cuisine with the high quality Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay wines produced by Torii Mor.