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Love is Family

Oregon Reproductive Medicine cherishes their work with the LGBTQ community and is committed to helping ALL family types grow.

Presented by Oregon Reproductive Medicine June 14, 2018

If you’re a cisgender individual or heterosexual couple in need of reproductive assistance, you likely have a number of options to turn to for help. However, if you are part of the LGBTQ community, your options narrow significantly.

Why? Gay and transgender people have to combat the traditional stereotypes of what constitutes a family, as well as needing logistical help in the form of donor eggs, sperm and/or a gestational surrogate. Many clinics are not accepting of LGBTQ patients and surrogacy and adoption laws vary widely from state to state, and are often contradictory.

As Cathy Sakimura, deputy director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, has stated, “You can be completely respected and protected as a family in one state and be a complete legal stranger to your children in another.” 

This is just one of the reasons LGBTQ couples and individuals from around the world are flocking to Portland, Oregon – and in particular, Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM) – to start their families. Oregon is a state that welcomes future LGBTQ parents with open arms, has many healthy donors and surrogates willing to help, and is helpful in establishing legal parenthood for LGBTQ parents, signifying the recognition of the new family unit by the courts. In addition to the progressive regulations Oregon has to offer, ORM is a world-class fertility center that is passionately committed to helping ALL people grow their families. 

Liz and Andrea, a married couple in Portland, came to ORM to pursue reciprocal IVF to tie their whole family together. Liz, shared their experience with ORM, “One of the big reasons we decided to go with ORM [is] how welcoming they are to the LGBTQ community. With ORM, the entire experience is just so positive, comfortable, and welcoming." 

With the value “Love is Family,” the doctors at ORM, who are recognized for achieving the highest success rates, are also renowned for cherishing the LGBTQ community. “We are finding ourselves in the midst of a gigantic social change, if not a global movement, and we are humbled to do our part in helping the LGBTQ community start or grow their families,” stated ORM Reproductive Endocrinologist, Brandon J. Bankowski, M.D.

Join us for an upcoming seminar to learn more about your fertility options.  

Seminar Information: 

Free Egg Seeking Sperm Seminar

Thursday, June 21 from 6 pm -7:30 pm

808 SW 15th Ave., Portland OR 97205

Led by Dr. Barbieri and Dr. Hurliman

Ideal for same-sex female couples, single women & anyone with eggs who needs sperm to grow their family. 


Free Donor Egg + Surrogacy Seminar

Thursday, June 28th from 6 pm - 7:30 pm

808 SW 15th Ave., Portland OR 97205

Led by Dr. Bankowski, this seminar is ideal for same-sex male couples, single men, and anyone that is interested in growing their family through donor eggs and surrogacy.

Sign up here: OregonReproductiveMedicine.com/Surrogacy