In true Portland spirit, local maker of fruit filled, boozy popsicles Sloshy Pops has teamed up with Portland Roasting Coffee to create a unique and limited run of coffee based boozy popsicles that will be available exclusively for purchase at the Portland Roasting Flagship location on Oak Street this summer. 

The Sloshy Pops Popsicles are packed with fresh fruit and other delicious local ingredients, flavors constantly rotating as new fruits, berries and aromatics come into season. Unrefined sweeteners and honey are sparingly used in order to let the natural flavors be the focus of attention. Each popsicle contains a generous pour of alcohol and is considered at least 6.5% ABV.

The first product in this collaboration is a sumptuous pick-me-up that incorporates ingredients such as cold brew, heavy cream, orange oil, hazelnuts and dark chocolate. Using the slightly caffeinated cherry fruit from the coffee bean, also knows as cascara, Sloshy Pops has also created a refreshing treat consisting of cascara concentrate, mint steeped strawberry puree and bourbon. 

Two other seasonal Sloshy Pop flavors will be offered for purchase at the cafe this summer. A Rhubarb Rhumsicle using Blue Truck Farms Rhubarb charred lemon, orange bitters, rum, Mexican style cream, more Rum and lemon zest. The Strawberry Margarita contains first-of-the-season strawberry puree, fresh squeezed citrus, salt, orange liqueur, tequila and extra boozy berries. If any of those flavors don’t appeal to your palate, this coffee-shop-with-benefits also serves beer, wine and cider on tap, and of course their own specialty coffee in all its various forms.

This collaborative effort is part of Portland Roastings Start Here advertising campaign: an invite to fellow neighbors, friends and locals to stop by for a drink, or a boozy popsicle, after work. With the Cafe summer hours extending to 9pm, it’s also a great option as launch pad for whatever adventure plans you might have in store for the rest of the evening.

Portland Roasting also has another surprise in store for the Oak Street café location. An event space that is connected to the Cafe is currently under development. For anyone interested in renting this space you can send your inquiries here. All these things considered, Portland Roastings Oak Street Cafe gets our vote as a spring board to fun summer evenings in Portland.

Portland Roasting Oak Street Cafe
815 SE Oak Street
Portland OR 97214
Mon ~ Fri, 7am - 9pm
Sat, 8am - 9pm.