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Successful Portland Bachelors Looking for Their Ideal Life Partner…Could That Be You? Stop Complaining That There Are No Good Guys in Portland and Read This!

Exclusive matchmaking company Lasting Connections invites all interested single women to read the following details and then schedule an interview with a company recruiter to become part of the private registry. (This process is free for all applicants.)

Presented by Lasting Connections August 13, 2018

Lasting Connections is an elite concierge matchmaking agency founded by Sameera Sullivan in Portland, Oregon more than 6 years ago.  Since its inception, Lasting Connections has gone on to become one of the leading matchmaking firms in the world that caters to modern men and women! We have built an extensive global network of singles and have real life recruiters conducting private searches for our client’s. Our clients are diverse and have unique needs. This is why we customize a different approach for each client!  

We have redefined the approach to finding love by applying the same techniques utilized by headhunters and recruiters when seeking and matching executives for and with Fortune 500 companies, and at this point we’d say our high success rate and glowing testimonials and reviews speak for themselves.

We are currently seeking women for several eligible bachelors in the Portland & Vancouver Metropolitan area. Each of our clients is as unique as they are special. Both are successful and socially savvy. Both have a different criterion so please read the description below.  If you are single and looking for a serious relationship, please review the following criteria and then head over to our website to fill out our registry form and schedule an interview with one of our recruiters.

For Bachelor #1: Executive, age 35 we are looking for:

  • 25-35 easy going and down to earth!
  • Girl next door, natural, slender fit, Height 5’0-5’6
  • Interested in starting a family and has a relationship mindset.
  • Have a strong sense of self (in this case what we mean are women who have established careers, or hobbies, or a solid group of friends, etc., so that they aren’t looking for a man to “complete” them but instead are looking for a partner who adds value to their already fulfilling lives).
  • Enjoy intellectual conversation as much as romantic gestures (for example, one of our bachelors obtained a mathematics degree as part of his educational background, and values intelligence as much as other qualities in a potential partner). Someone who has more depth (Not a chatterbox type!)
  • Optimistic but also a realist. Driven, whether it’s pursuing a career or a personal goal.
  • Are physically active, and also have an appreciation of nature (you don’t have to be a triathlete, but as an example we are looking for women who are physically fit enough to enjoy a hike or a bike ride without trouble).
  • No tattoos or piercings. A small hidden tattoo is completely okay but nothing too visible

Bachelor # 2: Age Late 40s, Physician (women age 35-43, physically fit) Open to all ethnicities. 

  • Wants children or is open to adoption. Someone who has frozen eggs would be perfect!
  • Women who enjoy spending time in the country. Someone who doesn’t mind splitting their time between living in the country and the city.
  • Someone who is humble, sensitive, and kind.
  • Loves the great outdoors. Enjoys fun activities like scuba, hiking, bike riding, and traveling to different countries, exploring other cultures and has a global perspective and an open mind.
  • Values relationships, experiences, and small things in life. Down to earth!

If you feel any or all of these character traits describe you, we invite you to schedule an interview with one of our recruiters to become part of our private registry.  Even if we determine you are not a good fit for any of our current clients, we are always meeting and working with new bachelors, so you might be a fit for a future gentleman who comes to us looking for love.

The process is absolutely free, so what do you have to lose?  If you’ve been looking for love, now’s your chance to find it as we only work with the best.  We look forward to meeting you!