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Create Your Own Luxe Master Retreat

4 Insider Tips from Designers

Presented by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design September 11, 2018

Fall is here, and whether it’s back to school, back to work, or just back from vacation, most of us are even busier than usual. In times like this, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself and your space. The design team at Garrison Hullinger Interior Design shared their favorite tips that will help your Master Suite live up to its full potential.

Tip #1 - Create a Quiet Space

A practical, functional home doesn’t just get you through the day - it’s an escape from the demands of the outside of the world, a place to truly relax. Whether you’re remodeling or just rearranging furniture, seek out an unused corner of your space and set it up for your own quiet enjoyment.

  • Natural lighting is a must, use your windows to their greatest advantage!
  • Don’t arrange this space around TV screens - take a break.
  • Take inspiration from a favorite hotel experience...build the room around that memory.

Tip #2 - Make Your Bed!

When making your bed, select linens that make your daily routine easier and not more complicated. Don’t save the special sheets for for the guest bedroom . . . treat yourself! Plenty of pillows make a bed inviting and beautiful, and just makes coming home feel a little bit more special.

  • Find the sheets you love - Buy two sets and rotate them out, so you’re never without your favorites.
  • Layer the bed with blankets and coverlets that can be machine washed, because life happens.
  • Look for shams and decorative pillows that don’t require a lot of fluffing and attention each morning - nothing about your bed should stress you out.

Tip #3 - Build the Bathroom for Warmth and Comfort 

Budgeting for a remodel? Don’t put the master bath at the bottom of your list. Whether it’s a palatial double shower, like the above, or a few updates to what you have, this is your space. Make it a priority.

  • When designing a large, luxurious shower, make sure it’s fully enclosed so the warmth of the shower stays in.
  • Bring the spa home with a heated towel rack.
  • Don’t forget heated floors to remove the chill from your luxury suite. It makes all the difference!

Tip #4 - A Designed Closet is Key

If function is your top concern, remember to spend time designing your closet. It seems frivolous, but take a second.  Think about your morning routine - how much time would you save if you knew where everything was?

A thoughtfully designed closet, no matter the size, will help your start your day the right way. Looking good is just a plus.

  • Open shelving keeps your clothes and accessories visible and accessible, no more digging through drawers.
  • The smaller the closet, the more an organizational system will change your mornings - trust us on this one.

If you’re making changes to your home - big or small - we hope these tips will help you give yourself a little TLC and create a master suite that truly feels like an escape. You deserve it!