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Your Old Stuff Can Help Build Homes!

Book a donation pick up appointment for Habitat for Humanity’s Portland Metro ReStores online or over the phone today

Presented by Habitat for Humanity ReStores September 11, 2018

Pop into the ReStore and you’re going to be surprised every single time.  You might find a new tufted linen sofa, a DeWalt circular saw, huge 10 ft.  lengths of  6”x12” salvaged beams, vintage Erector Set, maybe an Eames chair, a Barbie doll, Edison 78s or a MCM dresser ready for a makeover. You never know what you’ll find at the Habitat for Humanity ReStores, but you can bet it will be something awesome, something affordable, something irresistible.

Regular ReStore shoppers know how fast the merchandise turns over minute by minute, hour to hour.  That’s because ReStores depend on donations of new and used home improvement goods to stock the sales floor.  Those sales help fund Habitat for Humanity homebuilding projects right here in the Portland Metro area.

Why donate to the ReStore

“In less than five minutes, you can help lift people out of poverty housing and get rid of your old stuff at the same time!” said Julie Carter, vice president of retail operations for Habitat for Humanity Portland Metro East. Julie oversees the whole Metro ReStores operation and associated programs like Donation Pickup and Salvage Service.

It’s certainly convenient.  Donors may drop off furniture, home goods, housewares, appliances and building material seven days a week during regular business hours, 10am to 6pm. If that great recliner you’d like to donate doesn’t fit in the back of your MINI Cooper, you can schedule a donation pickup online at pdxrestore.org.  The ReStore also picks up donations 7 days a week. (Yes, that means Sundays, too!)

The second “R” word at the ReStore is reuse. Donations are given a second, third, or fourth chance to find a new home in living rooms, bedrooms, back yards, offices, studios and garages across the Metro area.  ReStores sell Visions recycled paint in 14 decorator shades, like minky ‘Caribou Brown,’ delicate ‘Mojave Sage’ and edgy ‘Sequoia Red.’ Plus, the ReStore’s Salvage Service team harvests reusable building materials from residences and offices undergoing a remodel or demolition. This past year, our ReStores diverted over 7, 278 tons of reusable materials from area landfills.

Powered by volunteers
Portland Metro ReStores receive anywhere from 20 to 120 donation drop-offs per day, per store.  That’s a lot of outstanding merchandise to cycle through. We do it quickly and efficiently with the help of a wonderful team of volunteers. This past year, volunteers clocked over 62,000 hours at ReStores in Portland, Beaverton, Gresham and Vancouver. We couldn’t open our doors seven days a week without their help. They process and price donations, stock the sales floor, cashier and organize inventory. Other volunteers help our donation pickup drivers, or assist with salvage removal.  There’s a lot to do, and we could sure use your help doing it. At pdxrestore.org you can find out sign up to join our team.

At the ReStore every donation, every purchase, every volunteer hour helps build more Habitat for Humanity homes right here.  Since opening our doors, Portland Metro ReStores have sold over $24 million in merchandise, over $5.7 million has been contributed to Habitat for Humanity Portland Metro East, Willamette West Habitat for Humanity and Evergreen Habitat for Humanity and Habitat for Humanity International.

“Book a donation pick up appointment for Habitat for Humanity’s Portland Metro ReStores online or over the phone today,” Julie said. “We’ll pick it up and you can feel good knowing you contributed to the next Habitat home!”


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