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Sophisticated Cannabis Products That Speak To What Women Want

Serra’s new balanced and CBD-infused edibles make unique gifts during the holidays

Presented by Serra Cannabis By Ben McBee November 2, 2018

We have entered a golden age of marijuana. Thorough scientific studies are steadily lifting the stale haze of stigma, ushering in a new wave of understanding, especially in the realm of health and wellness.

It’s been more than three years since recreational use was legalized in Oregon. Since then, unprecedented market data has begun to shift how cannabis producers think about customers and their specific needs. One of the most crucial realizations is somewhat obvious; men and women partake for different reasons and in very different ways. The implications though are profound, and it’s becoming clear that the future of the cannabis industry is female.

Claire Kaufmann, formerly a regional director at BDS Analytics, the leader in cannabis consumer research. She now works in marketing for Serra, an award-winning wholesale cannabis brand, and knows firsthand how cannabis-using women differ from their male counterparts. “In particular, women use cannabis products to deal with physical ailments and stress,” explains Kaufmann. “But overall, women want what all cannabis consumers want: choice. They want to experience relief, but they don’t want to experience complete intoxication every time.” 

The company’s co-founder, and Brand Director, Cambria Benson’s vision was to create a space that was not only inviting to men, but women as well; creating a cannabis lifestyle brand with an emphasis on gently dosed wholesale products with quality ingredients. “At Serra, we welcome people,” says Kaufmann. “We make them feel comfortable in the space, while offering more refined products that they can trust and utilize day-to-day in their lives.”

Women represent a growing share of the market and as the demand grows, so does the selection of available goods. At the forefront of this movement is CBD, a compound in marijuana that can provide a variety of health benefits without heavy psychoactive effects. Some strains produce more of the CBD compound than others, which can be extracted and then infused in anything from topical ointments to treats and beverages.

This holiday season, Serra is adding to its diverse offerings with a lineup of affordable, thoughtfully curated edibles that make for perfect gifts. The limited edition Stumptown Mocha Bar is an exciting collaboration with local Portland businesses Woodblock Chocolate and Stumptown Coffee Roasters. This smooth, lightly dosed confection of cocoa and espresso offers a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC, the compound from marijuana that elicits a high.

The dark chocolate bar is another great stocking stuffer because of its versatility. You can eat it plain, melt it for an ice cream topper or even dip fruit in it.

At the beginning of December, Serra debuts Gumdrops: five all natural, gluten- and dairy-free gummies, available in a variety of flavors and dosing options. “There will be two THC-dominant gumdrops–a spicy passionfruit and a triple berry,” Kaufmann explains. “The next level down is a delicious tart cherry, with a 2:1 THC-dominant ratio that include some CBD. Then we offer a balanced 1:1 strawberry basil, and lastly a CBD-dominant lemon ginger.”

The popularity of edibles boils down to one critical ingredient–transparency. Being able to trust that what’s on the label accurately represents what you’re ingesting. “Particularly in the edible space, we find that one negative experience can have a huge and very lasting impact on our customers,” Kaufmann says. “Serra doesn’t take the responsibility of being a steward for a customer’s experience lightly.”

Holly Hukill is Serra’s product development director and oversees the kitchen. She verifies the purity of every ingredient and works closely with the producers who process the flower into concentrated oil for the chocolates. Each serving, which is five milligrams in Oregon (but can differ by state), is precisely measured and tested in accredited labs for consistent potency. 

“Because of the longer activation time, it’s easy to underestimate edibles,” Hukill says. “As such, I recommend starting small and working your way up. Serra products are accurately and delicately dosed–ideal for the newer user, yet enjoyed by the seasoned consumer.”

The holidays are a great time to explore Serra’s inviting space, chat with knowledgeable docents and peruse their delightful products. Take the stress out of gift giving with a cannabis Christmas.

Shoppers will find an in-store section of sophisticated cannabis gifts suited for of-age loved ones, friends, and are perfect for her, with a curated selection of CBD-only goodies. Outside of the downtown and Belmont retail locations, Serra wholesale wares can be found in dispensaries across Oregon and will be available in California in 2019.

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Serra – www.shopserra.com