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Remodel and Refresh: A New Vision For Your Tired Space

Get Ideas at the Portland Spring Home & Garden Show

Presented by Homebuilders Association of Portland February 13, 2019

Perhaps your recent Instagram scroll has you feeling envious seeing the latest metal, modern farmhouse lighting or that chef’s kitchen with hand-painted tiles and a gourmet range?  At that moment, you know you can’t leave your neighborhood but your tired kitchen cabinets that are eighties fab have got to go. It’s time for a remodel. Whether you revamp your entire space or start with a simple bathroom project, you’ll want to select the proper talent to carefully craft your dream.

“While it’s a huge decision to commit to invest the time, finances, and sometimes your sanity, to embark on the emotional rollercoaster of ripping apart your home, the long-term benefits of remodeling your current space far outweigh the hassle,” says Robert Wood of Mountainwood Homes , award-winning member of the Home Builders Association of Metro Portland and an exhibitor in the upcoming Portland Spring Home & Garden Show at the Portland Expo Center, February 21 -24.

First, you should know your own vision for the remodel – before talking to a pro; know what new energy and uses you hope to see in your new space when it’s all complete. How will your family want to feel and experience the refreshed space? Then, make a list of your priorities. Aside from online research, a great way to generate ideas is to visit with vendors and professional remodelers at the Portland Spring Home & Garden Show. Professional remodelers have found creative solutions to challenging spaces in the past and likely have innovative ways to help you create your vision. They also know the right vendors to support your project.

Homeowners choose to remodel their current homes for a variety of reasons:

  • A fresh, new energy to an old space
  • Adding more space
  • Upgrading cabinets, counters, appliances and fixtures
  • Creating a floor plan that's customized for your lifestyle (new baby, aging parents)
  • Improving energy efficiency with new windows, doors, insulation, and climate control systems
  • Increasing the resale value of your home

“In an age of endless scrolling, researching and trying to figure out the best person for your job, the Portland Spring Home & Garden Show allows you to meet companies face-to-face on neutral ground,” says Wood. Besides, they’re likely going to be in your home for a while, so shouldn’t you meet them and see if they are a good fit?

It’s also important to determine your budget and talk through the reality of it with a professional remodeler.  Remodeling can sometimes involve more costs than you realize including items like furnishings and landscaping. Professional remodelers also know many lenders with financial products specifically for remodeling projects including First Tech Federal Credit Union, whom you can also meet at the show.

 “Nowhere else will you find so many products and services represented by true professionals that provide them under one roof,” says Brent Olsen of Gary’s Vacuflo and show exhibitor “From new products that make maintaining your home more convenient to full remodels of your home or landscape, the  Portland Spring Home & Garden Show will have hundreds of vendors to talk with and products to make your home a more livable environment.”

The Show is the place to engage with professionals that may have completed projects just like vision. See their work, understand their process, and get to know what sets them apart from their competition. If their business aligns with what you’re looking for, make an appointment for a professional to come visit your home. This meet and greet is possible at the upcoming Portland Spring Home & Garden Show, Feb 21-24, at the Portland Expo Center. Come, find your inspiration.