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Fitness That Doesn’t Fail You

Portland-grown fitness brand barre3 rethinks people’s relationships with exercise.

Presented by barre3 By Ben McBee May 8, 2019

Image: Jen Byrne

Being healthy is always a worthy goal, but what society deems as attractive, and a feeling of inadequacy against those standards, can often undermine people on their path to getting fit. A typical gym membership isn’t always the right choice. Many people prefer a more personal approach that can help them avoid unwanted results like injury or low self esteem. Barre3 is here to help you unlearn negative messages and rethink your relationship with fitness. At barre3, fitness should serve you, not shame you.

From its first studio in the Pearl District, barre3 has grown to 150 locations across the United States and Canada. Sadie Lincoln founded the company more than a decade ago with her husband, Chris. Since then, they have expanded the brand, offering an online workout subscription service with hundreds of streamable workouts; consciously curated retail; and an immersive retreat called Experience B3. “Most important to us is building a supportive community aligned with our core values,” she says. “We set out to build a fitness company that valued meaningful connections just as much as a good sweaty workout.”

The 60-minute workout classes lay that foundation; clients can experience a full-body balanced workout, including cardio, strength conditioning, and mindfulness in a safe, encouraging environment. “We do not work out to get to an end result; instead, we work out to be present and accepting of our bodies just as they are in this very moment,” says Lincoln. “This philosophy turns exercise from a chore into a deeply rewarding experience and is what continues to fuel our growth.”

Everyone is welcome at barre3, and no one is pressured into a one-size-fits-all experience.

Barre3 instructors provide expert guidance to clients by offering modifications for every move—a unique approach that helps clients find the expression of the move that works best for their body. “What I love the most about our classes is our attention to empowering clients to look inside for answers and to modify moves based on their own wisdom around what they need in the moment,” Lincoln says.

Image: Jen Byrne

Locally owned and woman-led, barre3 inspires people to feel at home in their bodies. “I often use my 15-year-old daughter as a litmus test,” she explains. “Would I want her to hear that message in class? Will it promote body positivity? Will these words help guide her into postures that promote balance and long-term postural benefits? I dream of a world where every individual is at home and safe in their body, and our classes are our way of setting a foundation for future generations.” 

With five studios in neighborhoods across Portland, barre3 makes finding success in fitness an attainable goal, and you certainly won’t be alone on your journey.

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