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Fournier Group Offers Support and Peace of Mind to Rogue Ales & Spirits

The Oregon-based brewery has partnered with Fournier Group for nearly a decade.

Presented by Fournier Group By Ben McBee June 18, 2019

In Oregon, crafty entrepreneurship is what drives the industries that have put the state on the map, from breweries to medical technology and everything in between. With outside-the-box thinking, specific and oftentimes unique needs inevitably surface — and that applies to every company’s insurance coverage requirements as well. Fournier Group is a dynamic, independent insurance agency that possesses the tested expertise to bring you peace of mind, regardless of what niche your business occupies.

Rooted in family, the firm has more than 40 years of history in the Pacific Northwest. While it has evolved with the ever-changing landscape of commerce, one thing that’s stayed constant is the level of excellence offered to clients. Today, Dirk Fournier is the CEO of a growing and innovative group that listens first, then acts, leaving the stale reputation of traditional insurance providers in the dust. Their assistance extends beyond the here and now, laying the groundwork for future stability and success through optimal solutions and attentive communication. It’s an approach that has earned them the trust of notable customers such as McMenamins, Laughing Planet, Elephants Delicatessen, CD Baby, Metropolitan Land Group, and Rogue Ales & Spirits.

For nearly a decade, Fournier Group has worked with Rogue Ales & Spirits, building a flourishing relationship. “It appealed to me because I felt like they were small enough and personable enough that they would help us solve our problems, and help teach us the ins and outs and nuances of insurance, in addition to providing us with the great coverage that a business like ours needs to have,” say’s Rogue’s chairman of the board, Brett Joyce. 

At the advent of the craft brewing revolution, Rogue experienced meteoric expansion, opening new locations and pushing their beers to sellers across the country. Fournier Group has been a dependable advisor along that journey. “They helped us deal with our growth,” Joyce explains. “You want to make sure as you’re growing you have adequate coverages. Our business is a little bit complicated, in the sense that we have a mix of manufacturing and retail, plus employees in and outside of Oregon. For a relatively small business, we have complexity that needed an insurance partner that could help us with different business types.” 

As your advocate, Fournier Group will be in your corner for not just business coverage; they also offer supreme personal — and since 2018, aviation — insurance that simplifies confusing details and ensures you receive optimal coverage as well as full benefits when filing a claim. Their FG 360 risk management services go even further, delivering specialized training and tools alongside a comprehensive four-step program to enhance your bottom line.

The proof of that partnership is alive with Rogue. Says Joyce, “They came to deeply understand not just our business, but also our style and way of doing and thinking about things. They put different proposals in front of us that provided coverage options, which were immensely helpful and appreciated.” 

For more information, visit fourniergroup.net.

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