The Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts spanning the ages of artists young and old(er). From 
20 some-things to ‘70s and beyond. That’s the beauty of art. It has no age limit. Some artists choose to make this more than a hobby, but a career. Fretting over lines, colors, hours of thought, pre-sketches, and bringing a canvas, book illustration or comic to life. Do you get more street-cred the older you are? Does their personality match their art? Let’s find out – This June 21st-23rd the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts hosts its longest running festival on the west coast of 56 years, come visit the special exhibit Origin Stories: Comics & Identity that celebrates comics as a unique art form and tells stories of ourselves. See six creatively curated art exhibits and live music at Lakewood Center for the Arts and George Rogers Park. for details. Full digital program to map out your event plans: