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Classic Farmhouse Style Lives at the Forefront of Home Design Trends

Renaissance Homes’ On Your Land program offers flexibility and customization

Presented by Renaissance Homes By Ben McBee August 22, 2019

The latest home design trend sweeping the city (and the country) isn’t a Jetsons-esque leap forward into futuristic abodes. Instead, homeowners seek a return to the elegant roots of simplicity, rejuvenated by modern touches. Farmhouses evoke an age when less was more — a time when residents spent more time outside and function transcended frill. With large kitchen spaces and an emphasis on front and back porches, farmhouses make perfect sense for anyone who loves the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty and bounty.

A time-trusted institution itself, local home builder Renaissance Homes developed an even deeper affinity for farmhouses during a 2016 project in Lake Oswego, which required new construction to complement the property’s century-old barn. That deep dive into early 1900s styles provided both short-term inspiration and a roadmap for the next few years, manifesting in Renaissance Homes’ Farm to Table design, where bucolic accents meet clean lines, open floor plans and ample natural light. 

“Oregon is an agricultural and timber-based state. All of our land use laws protect forest products and farm use,” says Randy Sebastian, president and owner of Renaissance Homes. “With the modern spin on the classic farmhouse, the style is in keeping with what Oregon is all about, yet incorporates design elements that are desirable for families in this era.” 

Nowhere is that approach more perfectly represented than the attractive Street of Dreams home in Wilsonville. Minimalist elements are augmented by an airy aesthetic, simultaneously cozy and roomy, supporting a healthy and happy life with plenty of space for gathering and entertaining. Striking contrasts are a theme in this contemporary farmhouse, where warm-toned European oak floors ground refined light walls and quartz countertops. Luxury meets efficiency in the cutting-edge appliances, and sustainable and eco-friendly materials are found throughout this dreamy dwelling. 

And now, through Renaissance Homes’ Renaissance On Your Land program, clients’ own personal visions can become a reality. Since October, their award-winning design center has proven that innovation means customization, creating plans for those who want to build a house on their own land. With countless features that allow homeowners to control even the most minute details, you can check all the boxes on the way to making a home that’s uniquely yours. And by handling site preparation and pre-construction services, Renaissance streamlines the process for one upfront price, avoiding the stressful decisions and out-of-nowhere costs.

Whether you’re interested in a spec home or have a specific property in mind, Renaissance Homes is there to help you through it all. Visit Renaissance-Homes.com to explore your options.