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Give Your Home an Easy Fall Makeover

These tricks will get your nest autumn-ready before the leaves stop falling

Presented by Atiyeh Bros. August 15, 2019

As much as Portlanders hate to see summer go, the cooler temps are usually welcomed by the time October rolls around. But summer’s long stretch has probably taken its toll on your indoor space. Follow these tips to get your home refreshed and fall-ready.

Give accents a warmer-upper
Replace your sunny hues with warm browns, spicy oranges, and navy. This means swapping out throw pillows, bed linens, duvet covers, and even rugs. Don’t forget about the fabrics—replace cotton throw blankets with wool or fleece to cozy things up.  

Give your curtains some weight

Take down your breezy summer curtains and replace them with heavier materials in hues that match your other fall accents. Heavier curtains will not only warm up the aesthetic of your home, they’ll actually help keep the heat in. 

Get your rugs pro cleaned

Nothing says cozy better than a beautiful area rug, but after months of non-stop summer traffic, yours are sure to need a good cleaning. As most of the soil in your rugs will be insoluble, don’t even bother wasting time with at-home cleaning—it simply won’t work. You need the pros at Portland’s own Atiyeh Bros. They’ve been in the business for over a century and their state-of-the-art equipment will dust out your rug, give it a full-on submersion cleaning, and then it will be hung to dry in a special temperature-controlled room. It’s a process, and one that the family-owned Atiyeh Bros. has down to a science. They’re also the only cleaner in Oregon that offers FiberProtector to help with stain protection, reduce traffic wear and UV fading and extend the life of your textile.

Atiyeh Bros. is also the only place in Portland where you can both get your rugs cleaned and shop for beautiful new rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting. They specialize in high-end handmade wool rugs, but their showroom in Tigard has something for everyone—and every season.

Harvest your culinary side

Moving on to the kitchen, turn it into a celebration of harvest time. Inspire your inner chef by placing a few pumpkins around. Fill the fruit basket with seasonal apples and squash, and then tie it all together with autumn-colored table linens. 

Breathe in the season

You’ve added warm hues, created a seasonal kitchen, and cleaned your area rugs—the finishing touch on your fall home makeover? Fragrance. Pick up candles in pumpkin, maple, and spice scents. Soy and coconut-oil candles with essential oils usually smell closest to the real thing. 


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Give Your Home an Easy Fall Makeover