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New Seasons Market Whips Up Creative Chef Collaborations

Stores celebrate culinary community and FEAST Portland with limited edition treats

Presented by New Seasons Market By Ben McBee August 19, 2019

At its roots, New Seasons Market is a grocery store that connects people and fosters healthy communities with food. By sourcing delicious, wholesome products from local farmers, ranchers, and fishermen, they have answered consumers’ call for transparency and stronger affinity with providers for nearly two decades. It’s a cooperative approach that has seen the company grow to 21 stores across Washington, Oregon and Northern California - and become a fixture in Portland neighborhoods.

This year, as a primary sponsor for renowned food and drink festival, FEAST Portland, New Seasons is set to celebrate its commitment to the city’s vibrant gastronomy landscape with gusto. On Saturday, September 14, New Season Market will present “The Big Feast” event at Tom McCall Waterfront Park - an even more ambitious version of past years’ favorite “Grand Tasting” showcase - which features diverse tastings and illuminating talks from lauded chefs and writers. New Seasons will also have a booth at the East Coast vs. West Coast competition. 

But the epicurean excitement doesn’t end there. For a limited time, New Seasons will carry five exclusive items created to celebrate innovative partnerships in Oregon’s culinary culture. These special chef collaborations, labeled in-store “Let’s Feast Together”, include two tasty brews, spicy greens, victuals with international flair and a fruit forward chocolate bar. 

Nothing brings a neighborhood together like a good party, and together with new kid on the block Wayfinder Beer, New Seasons is proud to reveal the Party Time Pilsner - a clean, flavorful endeavor with Brewmaster Kevin Davey and company. Settling in to the Central Eastside to much acclaim in 2016, this talented group of makers represents a fearless drive to forge a new path. Their preference to zig when others zag galvanizes this special release, whose aromatic yet light malt body is perfectly suited to late summer barbecues. 

Brew Dr. Kombucha keeps the ferment fest going, enlisting Portland icon Chef Joshua McFadden to concoct a seasonal recipe imbued with tart sun-kissed cherries, lush hints of vanilla and a punch of spice. When you have two industry pioneers in the lab, the outcome is sure to be gold. Two more household names conceive an out of this world Lap Cheong, or traditional Chinese sausage, that’s coarsely mixed with tamarin, sugar, sichuan, white pepper, and 7 spice. This one-of-a-kind grind from Departure’s Chef Gregory Gourdet and Olympia Provisions’ Salumist Elias Cairo offers something for everyone - it’s sweet, sour, spicy, smoky and sure to be the talk of the town. New Seasons’ own Chef Bill Hussey keeps the heat turned up on a Som Tum Brussels salad suffused with hot peppers from Mama Lil’s, grown and pickled right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Finishing with dessert is always a good idea; Yonder’s Chef Maya Lovelace and Master Chocolatier Julian Rose took that thought and ran with it. More than just a dash of Southern charm awaits in the Peach Crumble Buttermilk Chocolate Bar, which is rich, tangy and perfect for watching the sun set - and moon rise - from the porch. Headquartered in St. Johns, Moonstruck Chocolate Co. is a regional treasure, and this confectionery achievement bridges the best of different worlds. 

Food has the extraordinary power to bring people together, revealing colorful backgrounds and novel ideas to the world. By nurturing meaningful partnerships with local producers, New Seasons is dedicated to supporting the regional food economy and cultivating healthier and happier communities. These chef collaborations are conversation starters and palate pleasers, but they won’t be around forever; head to your closest New Seasons Market soon to join the foodie fun. 

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