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Yeti and Squatch go birdwatching in Southern Oregon

Two big-footed buds look for rare creatures at Klamath Wildlife Refuge

Presented by Travel Oregon October 16, 2019

This is the first installment of an 8-part series following the adventures of Yeti & Squatch through Oregon this winter. 

Yeti and Squatch have begun their journey through the winter wonderland of Oregon. Well, technically it’s still autumn. But all it took was one whiff of that crisp, fall air to get Yeti all excited, so now they’re starting the road trip a little early. 

Their first adventure was birdwatching at Klamath Wildlife Refuge. This was all new to Squatch, who is much more of a summer person, er, creature. Squatch usually spent this time of year at home, binge-watching true crime documentaries or taking naps on a big, comfy couch. And while that still sounded appealing, Squatch decided to give birding a try. And what a great decision it was.

Klamath County is home to more than 350 species of birds, so the two pals put on their birding vests, grabbed their binoculars and gazed upon the autumnal landscape. They saw bald eagles, meadowlarks and warblers galore. Millions of ducks and geese were migrating through the Basin, as they do every October and November. There were winged creatures in all directions, soaring across the wetlands and weaving through curtains of sunlight. Yeti and Squatch had never seen such creatures before. They were so stunned by the spectacle in the sky that they nearly forgot to take photos and post them on social media. What a tragedy that would’ve been.

After a long day of looking at things fly around in a pretty place, it was time to hit the road. But their first stop was a success. Squatch seemed to be warming up to the idea of winter. And Yeti just absolutely lives for this kind of stuff.

Where will our big-footed buds go next? What things will they do? What sights will they see? Find out next week, in the second installment of Yeti & Squatch’s winter journey. Until then, check out TravelOregon.com for more information about the Klamath Wildlife Refuge and start planning your own journey through the winter wonderland of Oregon.