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Yeti & Squatch go fly fishing in Eastern Oregon

The two pals try angling for steelhead in the John Day River

Presented by Travel Oregon October 22, 2019

Image: Travel Oregon

This is the second installment of an 8-part series following the adventures of Yeti & Squatch.

Welcome back for the second week of Yeti & Squatch in the Winter Wonderland of Oregon.

When you’re friends with a Yeti who happens to be an expert trip planner, you just follow the Yeti. So when Squatch asked what they were doing next, Yeti said, “Fly fishing on the John Day River.” And that’s what they did.

Squatch had always thought of fishing as a summer thing. In fact, Squatch went to the John Day River last July, where people would catch more than 50 smallmouth bass in a day. So it was interesting to hear Yeti mention this was the best time of year (October through December) to catch steelhead trout. “There will be plenty of steelhead,” Yeti said. “This will be a piece of cake.” Squatch didn’t know what to find more surprising: fishing in the winter or Yeti’s outspoken confidence.

After they put on their waders and scoped out a spot, they dipped their big feet into the river and cast their lines. Then, all they had to do was listen to the peaceful sound of rushing water, take in the scenic views and wait. But not for long.

Squatch reeled in a catch after half an hour. It was a wild steelhead. Squatch was already dreaming of the big fish dinner they would have that night. Until Yeti brought up the catch and release laws for wild steelhead trout in that region (you can only take the hatchery steelhead home). So Squatch left the little fella unharmed and released him back into the river. Just as soon as that one swam away, Yeti caught something, too—a large chunk of algae. Squatch informed Yeti that there were no catch and release laws for algae. 

Image: Travel Oregon

They stayed for hours and had the time of their lives. Squatch caught a few fish and Yeti couldn’t catch one. But that doesn’t matter, because after all, the point of fishing isn’t catching fish. 

That’s all for now, folks. Find out where adventure takes our two friends next week. Until then, check out TravelOregon.com for more information on fishing and winter trips in Eastern Oregon. And while you’re there, don’t forget to pre-order your very own copy of our limited edition book, Yeti & Squatch in the Winter Wonderland of Oregon.