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Insuring Portland Eats

Fournier Group makes a difference for restaurants through quality risk management.

Presented by Fournier Group By Ben McBee October 1, 2019

Tanner Creek Tavern, a David Machado restaurant and Fournier Group client

Portland’s not just Soccer City, USA—it’s also Food City, USA. Featuring restaurants of all shapes and sizes serving some of the most creative, mouthwatering fare in the country, Portland’s culinary scene is truly vibrant and special. One of the key ingredients in PDX restaurants’ success: hard work by talented teams that include a trustworthy risk management partner.

Fournier Group is an independent, client-focused, community-supporting agency that specializes in working with restaurants. In fact, many of its employees have worked in the hospitality industry themselves, each bearing first-hand knowledge of the ins and outs that come with the territory. Pacific Northwest born and bred, the brokerage possesses extensive experience and a proven track record when it comes to helping establishments focus less on liabilities and more on growing their businesses and better serving their customers.

 Tommy Habetz, co-owner/chef of Fournier Group client Pizza Jerk

It’s about a lot more than insurance coverage with Fournier Group. Their work includes problem solving, minimizing the costs of risk, and implementing systems that improve operational efficiency. Over the years, Fournier Group has been both an advisor and safety net to many of the region’s preeminent restaurants and chefs, including Ava Gene’s, Le Pigeon, Mother’s Bistro, Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen, McMenamins, Laughing Planet, and Elephants Delicatessen.

Accidents happen, especially in restaurant kitchens, where grease fires, knife injuries, and burns are all possibilities. People can also slip, trip, and otherwise get hurt while on premises. To help protect clients from these kinds of mishaps, Fournier Group uses a proactive, hands-on approach that emphasizes prevention first, yet recognizes and spearheads the appropriate responses when the worst happens.

Handmade pasta at Grassa, one of the many Chefstable group restaurants protected by Fournier Group

Passion, ingenuity, and relationships are integral to running a restaurant. They’re also what help set Fournier Group apart from other insurance companies. When you’re looking to protect and grow your business, a risk management partner committed to building a relationship and making a difference over the long term, like Fournier Group, is a game changer. To learn more about how Fournier Group can help your company better manage risks, visit fourniergroup.net.


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