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Yeti & Squatch go skiing in Central Oregon.

Two friends shred fresh pow at Mount Bachelor.

Presented by Travel Oregon October 29, 2019

Image: Travel Oregon

This is the third installment of an 8-part series following the adventures of Yeti & Squatch.

Welcome back for the third week of Yeti & Squatch in the Winter Wonderland of Oregon.

For their next adventure, Yeti decided it was time for Squatch to experience a true winter activity—skiing. Yeti was a former semi-pro downhill skier during the 80s, but Squatch had never been. So they made their way to Mount Bachelor, not too far from Bend, and both of them knew things were about to get interesting.

Image: Mt. Bachelor

Squatch typically ran in the opposite direction of snow, but that was about to change. As they strapped on their skis, Squatch was feeling nervous. Yeti kept talking about pizza and french fries, but Squatch wasn’t hungry and didn’t pay much attention. After they finally made their way up Mount Bachelor, Squatch stood still at 9,065 feet, took a deep breath and looked around. The taste of the crisp Oregon air and the sight of the frozen lakes, frosty pines and distant snow-covered peaks were calming enough to change Squatch’s tune. It was time to shred the gnar. 

To everyone’s surprise, Squatch was a natural. Apparently, there were some translatable skills from all the surfing Squatch did over the summer. There were even halfpipe-shaped windlips that looked like verticals sets of snowy waves. Squatch spent the whole day flying down the slopes, catching sick air and getting helped up by Yeti after the occasional faceplant (hey, nobody’s perfect). They weren’t the only ones enjoying the waves either. Yeti & Squatch made friends with an adaptive skier who was slashing in and out of the volcanic formations right there with them. 

Image: Mt. Bachelor

At the end of the day, it felt like they’d skied a million miles, when really they had just scratched the surface of the 6th largest ski resort in North America. Squatch wasn’t sure if things could get any better. But then Yeti talked about a thing called, “Après Ski”, where everyone hangs out, eats, drinks and relaxes after a long day on the slopes. Squatch thought that all sounded amazing. Especially after all that talk about french fries and pizza.

That concludes our story for now. Until next week, check out TravelOregon.com for more information on skiing at Mount Bachelor. And while you’re there, don’t forget to pre-order your very own copy of our limited edition book, Yeti & Squatch in the Winter Wonderland of Oregon.