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Yeti & Squatch go snowshoeing near Mt. Hood

Our two favorite mythical beasts go for a wintry walk in Billy Bob Sno Park

Presented by Travel Oregon November 12, 2019

This is the fifth installment of an 8-part series following the adventures of Yeti & Squatch.

Welcome back for the fifth week of Yeti & Squatch in the Winter Wonderland of Oregon.

Yeti & Squatch were feeling relaxed and recharged after their visit to Terwilliger Hot Springs. What was the next adventure on their list? ​Snowshoeing at Billy Bob Sno Park!

Image: Travel Oregon

Yeti got them a Snow Park Permit in advance, and made sure their safety essentials were packed. Now all they needed was to find size 46 snowshoes for Squatch, which proved to be an adventure all on its own. But they had good luck, and eventually found some snowshoes for bigfoot feet. Once they had all their gear, they made their way to Billy Bob Sno Park, which is only accessible through Dufur, Oregon. It was time for Squatch’s first snowshoeing experience.

Image: Travel Oregon

The sight of the twilight alpine glow. The sound of winter crunching under their feet. Yeti & Squatch walked through a snowglobe, a daydream, or something in between. They marched and marched until they came to a giant, glowing tower, which happened to be the place they were staying.

Yeti had reserved the sought-after Fivemile Butte Lookout six months ahead of time. And it was worth it. The two best friends took in the stellar views from their isolated mountain castle as the colors changed in the sky. They’d have to hit the road again tomorrow, but for now, all of this belonged to them.

Check in next week to see what the future holds for Yeti & Squatch. Until then, visit TravelOregon.com for more information on ​Mt. Hood Sno-Parks​. And while you’re there, don’t forget to pre-order your very own copy of our limited edition book, ​Yeti & Squatch in the Winter Wonderland of Oregon​.