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Yeti & Squatch go soaking in the Willamette Valley

Our friends’ adventures take a toasty turn at Terwilliger Hot Springs

Presented by Travel Oregon November 5, 2019

This is the fourth installment of an 8-part series following the adventures of Yeti & Squatch.

Welcome back for the fourth week of Yeti & Squatch in the Winter Wonderland of Oregon.

After a long day of skiing, Yeti & Squatch were tired and sore. A short walk to the car felt like a walk to the moon. There was no way their wobbly thighs and bruised bottoms could carry them up a mountain or trudge through miles of snow. And yet, they carried on. Ready to take on their next challenging, winter adventure—soaking in the geothermal pools at Terwilliger Hot Springs.

Ah, there’s nothing cooler than being hot in the cold. Terwilliger Hot Springs (also known as Cougar Hot Springs) is like Mother Nature’s hot tubs. It’s also clothing optional, unlike Belknap Hot Springs, which is a nearby family-friendly location with tiled pools adjacent to the McKenzie River. Squatch couldn’t wait to do something warm and cozy after spending so much time in the snow. Not to mention, their aching bodies could use a nice long soak.

After a half-mile walk from the trailhead (a distance their poor legs could handle), they gazed upon the magical geothermal pools of Terwilliger Hot Springs. Sunlight cut through the frosted pines, illuminating the sparkling steam, as snowflakes danced around them. Squatch dipped into one of the warmest pools and instantly achieved a new level of zen. However, right before reaching the moment of peak relaxation, the tranquil soundtrack of the hot springs was interrupted by one, loud word.


Squatch’s meditative soak took a temporary turn for the worse, after Yeti performed the perfect cannonball (only mythical beasts are allowed to cannonball into Terwilliger Hot Springs). But the shellshock of Yeti’s abominable deed didn’t last long and the two went right back to relaxing. It’s almost as if nothing could trouble them in this little piece of winter paradise. The pools seemed to have some kind of magical powers that could make your worries vanish, just like a snowflake in their 112°F waters. Once Yeti & Squatch were as relaxed as they were pruned, the two big-footed buds hit the road again.

Come back next week to see what’s in store for Yeti & Squatch. Until then, check out TravelOregon.com for more information on ​Terwilliger Hot Springs​ and ​nature-based wellness​.

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