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Walla Walla Wine Comes to Portland

Wineries pour their wares at this face-to-face tasting event, February 24.

Presented by Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance By Ben McBee December 26, 2019

While drinking delicious wine from savvy local producers is always enjoyable, having those artisans actually pour it in your glass as they explain the inspiration behind every sip is even better.

Oenophiles and novices alike are invited to a special evening of food and drink, Monday, February 24, when the Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance and more than 40 wineries will present their remarkable terroir-driven wares, mingle with customers and educate guests on why the Walla Walla Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA) is such a unique and up-and-coming destination. 

“Whether you’re a Walla Walla Wine connoisseur, planning a trip to the Valley or it’s just recently popped up on your radar, if you’re curious about what makes Walla Walla Valley Wine distinctive, this is the place to learn,” says Robert Hansen, Executive Director of the Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance.

Walla Walla Wine in Portland

Leftbank Annex, 101 North Weidler Street
Monday, February 24
5:30 – 8:00 P.M.
Buy tickets; advanced ticket purchase required
Must be 21 years or older to attend

To make sure you are getting the most out of the tastings, here are some suggestions to guide your Walla Walla Wine experience in Portland. 


Engage With Your Favorites

You can feel the passion behind each and every producer, so it means a lot when you let them know you like their wines. Interaction is highly encouraged; ask questions, take photos and write down winery information so you can be prepared for your next visit to the Walla Walla Valley. With so many participants, it can be a tad overwhelming, so notes will help you remember your favorites.

The Dump Bucket is Your Friend

Pacing yourself is the name of the game here. Don’t be embarrassed to dump or spit out the leftover wine in your glass after having a taste. Those little sips add up and no one will judge moderation.

Skip the Perfume (or Cologne)

 Fragrances strongly affect the palate and smelling the wine is a crucial aspect of the tasting process. To be considerate of others and maximize your own experience, leave the perfume and cologne at home. 

H2O Yeah 

Frequent visits to the water stations will keep you hydrated and helps to cleanse the palate between tastings. Bringing your water bottle is also a good option.

Wine Makes Friends

Chatting with fellow attendees is a great way to hear about new wineries or recommendations for a particular vintage. Conversation and wine have led to numerous long-lasting friendships.

Drink Responsibly

Having a designated driver or hiring a transportation service means you can be in the moment and not have to sweat getting a ride later. Leftbank Annex is easily accessible by bus and MAX, and its location one block from the Portland Streetcar line makes public transportation ideal.

Tickets are $55 per person and include all wine tastings and light hors d’oeuvres. A portion of the Portland event proceeds are donated to Oregon Classic Wines Auction and its benefiting charities.

**The Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance is a nonprofit wine industry membership organization and functions as the leading informational resource for consumers, media and trade interested in learning more about the Valley’s wine industry. For more information about the organization and for a full list of participating wineries please visit http://www.wallawallawine.com/

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