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Bring Your Vision to Life with Renaissance Homes’ Renaissance On Your Land Division

Having a dependable builder during these unpredictable times is more important than ever.

Presented by Renaissance Homes By Ben McBee May 21, 2020

Build your dream home with Renaissance Homes’ Renaissance On Your Land (ROYL) program.

It’s not the best-kept secret: houses in Portland are hot commodities. For current residents needing an upgrade or newcomers looking to move into the area from elsewhere in Oregon (or even out of state), the competitive market can make moving an intimidating prospect. But, with Renaissance Homes’ Renaissance On Your Land (ROYL) program, you can skip all of the cutthroat open houses and bidding wars. Building your dream home becomes as simple as finding a plot of land that you love. From there, Renaissance’s expertise will guide you through the process—avoiding the usual snags and setbacks—to help make your tailored concept a reality.

Whether you’re looking to settle down within Portland city limits, nearby Lake Oswego, or out in beautiful wine country, you can count on Renaissance Homes’ 36 years and more than 4,500-houses-worth of locally owned know-how. The dependable ROYL team of designers will shape the signature Renaissance look to your unique preferences, meaning you’re in charge of where and how your forever home is built. 

Each homeowner has the power to personalize their custom home—from floor layouts to kitchen storage and design.

Wood accents, polished silver, white tiling and ample, natural light are just some of the choices at clients' fingertips through the ROYL program. 

Clients are able to peruse the substantial Renaissance catalogue, from big-picture features to specifics that you hadn’t thought of before. Floor layouts, kitchen storage, countertops, appliances, and more are at your fingertips. Ever fancied an outdoor covered area complete with fireplace and heaters? Perhaps the airy combination of white tiling and ample, natural light is irresistible. Do you lean toward wood accents or polished silver? The decisions are yours. Still, the team at Renaissance doesn't want to overload you with choices. They provide a selection of their most popular plans as an easy place to start. Taking into account the company’s essential vendor relationships—and the fact that construction timelines and costs are set from the get-go—a normally stressful situation turns into a seamless operation.

Your own tailor-made concept with exceptional craftsmanship and energy efficiency standards can become a reality through the ROYL program. 

Though each homeowner has the power to personalize, what remains consistent is Renaissance Homes’ exceptional craftsmanship and energy efficiency standards. Your comfort and health is their utmost priority. High-caliber air filtration systems and the minimal use of toxic materials create a secure living space. Portland winters are a cinch with the Polar Blanket blown-in insulation and Renaissance Rain Screen to keep you dry and warm. Plus, Renaissance builders go above and beyond baseline building codes to offer a sturdy and quiet walking surface, because a house is only as good as its foundation.

A ROYL home grows as an extension of your one-of-a-kind lifestyle on an expansive rural plot or a corner neighborhood lot thanks to the end-to-end construction experience directed by one full-service project manager. All the necessary site evaluations, grading, septic, electrical, and any other requirements are taken care of by this experienced team member.

Is a luxurious bathroom more your style? Each ROYL home can be designed to fit your one-of-a-kind lifestyle.

“It is more important than ever to make our prospective and current clients feel safe and confident as they are moving forward with building or purchasing a home,” says Renaissance Homes President Randy Sebastian. “We follow every protocol that has been provided to us and will continue to do everything we can to build that confidence.”

Though we are in the midst of an unprecedented crisis, one of life’s biggest milestones is still a special occasion. A home can be a sanctuary in the storm. Renaissance is committed to working with you through any added hurdles due to COVID-19. “It has been incredible how many people are reaching out to us about building their dream home,” Sebastian adds. “‘Stay at home’ has become a very relevant term. People are thinking about their future and how Renaissance Homes can improve their life.”

To learn more about Renaissance Homes, visit Renaissance-homes.com.

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