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Custom Oregon Homes from Blueprints to Turnkey

Renaissance Homes’ recently opened Design Studio helps clients create the house of their dreams on the land of their choice.

Presented by Renaissance Homes By Ben McBee August 18, 2020

The Design Studio helps customers tailor signature Renaissance Homes layouts to their wishes.

Building a house is a massive investment, and with so much at stake, clients generally want to tailor the end product to their specific vision, from the roof down to the floorboards—otherwise, they’d simply buy a house. But developing the intangible into a successful result can be intimidating, with delays, contractor miscommunication, and unforeseen costs being common pitfalls along the way. Renaissance Homes is prepared to eliminate the guesswork and unnecessary distractions of custom home construction, so you can focus on the features that matter the most.

When building your forever home, nothing is more important than location. Renaissance has more than 36 years of experience bringing customers’ dream homes to life, in Portland and its surrounding cities: as far as Salem and even out in wine country. Their proven reputation is bolstered by the flagship On Your Land program, an innovative approach that gives you the opportunity to pick out a plot—large or small, rural or urban—and still have access to Renaissance’s signature aesthetics.

Renaissance Homes is esteemed for their superior quality, materials, and attention to detail.

Clients will begin at the newly established Design Studio, where the savvy design team lays everything out in front of you, making it easy to visualize all of your options and leave with a concrete strategy in place—a priceless advantage, especially in such unprecedented times. On Renaissance’s website, prospective clients can also browse pre-existing layouts if they’re in need of some inspiration. A popular go-to is the award winning 2019 Street of Dreams home in Wilsonville, which shines through its modern farmhouse style.

It’s all about optimizing and streamlining the experience for the customer, so when you find something you like, you’re never shackled to a template. More often than not, designers tend to custom-draw or mesh together different models to achieve each On Your Land customer’s vision and meet their unique needs.

Recently, local clients Jordan and Kristin came to Renaissance seeking a slightly scaled-down version of the Street of Dreams floor plan for their family of four. Working together in the Design Studio, they conceived something original. “The layout of the Glenwood centers around a two-story open great room with clerestory windows that bring light into the center of the home while incorporating expansive covered living directly off of the great room, kitchen, and dining areas,” explains Lynnette Sandgren, director of design.

The new Design Studio is a trusted entry point to Renaissance Homes' comprehensive guidance on your path to a custom-built home.

Every element receives the touch of superior quality and service that those familiar with the Renaissance Homes brand have come to expect. Maybe you’ve always wanted an enclosed back patio with wide windows and built-in heaters, to enjoy sunset dining no matter the season. Have you always imagined an expansive kitchen with marble-grained quartz countertops, or a fitness space attached to your garage? They can make it happen. Renaissance recently even adjusted the grade of one property to ensure that its driveway could accommodate the client’s sizable motor coach.

“Our new home is perfect for us now and into the future,” Jordan says. “We both work from home, so it has two separate office spaces, plus a pocket office for the boys to do their homework. Renaissance helped us realize our dream home: they took what we were trying to do and turned it into reality.”

The new Design Studio

Peace of mind is hard to find as the world struggles through the Covid-19 pandemic, but Renaissance is well equipped to navigate the problems of the current circumstances. It doesn’t have to be an impassable roadblock. You’ll receive comprehensive guidance from one full-service project manager, who oversees site evaluations, septic, electrical, and other essential steps throughout the entire building process. On the path to augmenting your lifestyle, no corners are cut.

Components such as state-of-the-art air filtration, energy-efficient insulation, and sturdy, sound-dissipating foundations surpass the standard building codes. Renaissance is the only builder in the area to implement such extensive rain screening in their structures’ siding, maximizing your protection from moisture intrusion. Everything is installed to guarantee your and your family’s comfort and safety for many years to come.

To learn more about Renaissance Homes, visit Renaissance-homes.com.

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