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PNCA Recognizes Inaugural Center of Creativity Awards Recipients

Our six awardees have made an extensive impact on the world of art and design.

Presented by Pacific Northwest College of Art August 31, 2020

PNCA's home on the North Park Blocks, a neighborhood that is home to most of the city’s art galleries and a concentration of design studios.

Preparing students for a life of creative practice is at the core of Pacific Northwest College of Art’s mission. As the oldest independent college of art and design in the Pacific Northwest and a cultural hub for the community, PNCA functions as the creative heart of Portland, nurturing talent in its students, presenting dozens of free public programs and exhibitions every year, and supporting a vibrant community of innovators and culture-makers who help shape the cultural landscape of the region.

Situated in the North Park Blocks in downtown Portland, in a neighborhood that is home to most of the city’s art galleries and a concentration of design studios, PNCA understands the importance of community partnership and connection. In 2020, they launched their inaugural Center of Creativity Awards to recognize the contributions of six individuals who have made an extensive impact on the world of art and design, and whose contributions to the college, the arts, higher education, social justice, and civic engagement have opened doors for citizen artists throughout our region and beyond.

When the Center of Creativity Awards could not be presented at the college’s annual gala due to the pandemic, the college recognized the contributions of its six award recipients in a special celebration booklet, available to view online: pnca.edu/cca2020.

Congratulations to PNCA’s 2020 Center of Creativity Awards recipients! Their contributions epitomize the creative culture of the Pacific Northwest, and their extensive impact on the world of art and design continues to prove crucial in establishing PNCA as a regional center for art and creativity.

PNCA 2020 Center of Creativity Awardees

(presented in May 2020)

Image: Brian Foulkes

Sally Lawrence President’s Award

Award sponsored by John Miller, Mahonia | Wildwood

Susan Hammer and Lee Kelly ’59
For their steadfast commitment to civic engagement and the advancement of art and design education.

Award for Art and Social Justice

Sharita Towne
For her work in response to racism and cultural intolerance, and her advocacy for cultural diversity, inclusion, and social justice.


PNCA Impact Award

Kandis Brewer Nunn
For her support of the arts and higher education to advance humanity and transform the lives of individuals, impacting generations to come.



Anthony and Pietro Belluschi Volunteer Service Award

Award sponsored by First Republic Bank

John Bishop
For his dedication to PNCA’s mission and work to preserve and advance the college’s legacy through engagement and volunteerism.



Hallie Ford Award for Outstanding Vision and Philanthropy

Princess Grace Foundation
For their advocacy and support for education and the arts, advancing the enduring capacity of the creative spirit.


The Center of Creativity Award recipients received a circular medallion that echoes the U.S.G.S. marker on PNCA’s roof. This marker designates The Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design, PNCA’s home, as a geographical center of Portland, reinforcing PNCA’s commitment to serve as a hub for art and creativity. PNCA draws inspiration from their community of citizen artists who live the life of creative practice, with intention. Their dedication to this ethos has resulted in a culture of respect, freedom of expression, experimentation, and a laser focus on supporting the student experience.

PNCA is a private, nonprofit art and design college, offering eleven Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) degrees and eight minors, eight graduate degrees including Master of Fine Arts (MFA) and Master of Arts (MA) degrees within the Hallie Ford School of Graduate Studies, a Post-Baccalaureate, and a range of Community Education programs for adults and youth. PNCA is an accredited institutional member of both the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) and the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

PNCA is grateful for the support of their generous Special Appeal sponsors.


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