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Intravenous Hydration and Supplements: What Are They Good For?

IV to Me is a burgeoning Portland-based mobile business run by nurses!

Presented by IV to Me November 30, 2020

Nursing has been one of the most trusted professions for 18 years.

For nearly two decades Gallup polls show the nursing profession ranking highest in honesty and ethics. There is an increased demand for nurses this year due to, you guessed it, the Covid pandemic. Accompanying this come the taxing work environments medical providers everywhere are currently battling, as well as the all-too-often disappointing limitations of the United States healthcare system.

Nurses can dream to work from home, but instead they are becoming more creative with the skills they have to offer. The advent of IV hydration services will provide smoother access to solutions to many common ailments along with immune-boosting potential. Dry skin, increased stress, and decreased immune function can all lead to illness and disease.

There are various physical manifestations of chronic stress. It is important to recognize these, as chronic stress can lead to and or worsen chronic disease. Stress hormones such as cortisol elevate blood sugar, pulse rate, and blood pressure. If frequent and/or prolonged, these physiologic changes can lead to or worsen a variety of endocrine and cardiovascular diseases.

While we may not be able to control current events and the state of our shared humanity, we can make a start by taking care of ourselves. The good news here is we have the power to do so; IV to Me offers supplements, vitamins, minerals, and fluids to those looking to make a positive impact on the world. We recommend our Couch Melt infusion to calm the body and mind, or perhaps the Muscle Rejuvenation infusion to support optimal performance, with the assistance of Taurine for those extra workouts you have been putting in. 

IV to Me is run by professional, down-to-earth nurses looking to also make a lasting impact while providing holistic support direct to your location in or near Portland, Oregon. Our nurses see a world that works together for the common good of all. Our therapeutic services are overseen by Dr. Yo Atteberry, MD, a board certified Emergency Room physician who has practiced in the Portland metro area since graduating from residency in 2001 and who currently commutes to Houston monthly as well to work in two different Emergency Departments there. Stay thoughtful, brave, and kind.

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