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Have a Hand in Building Your House

With Renaissance Custom Homes, clients pick the land, layout, and lots of other features.

Presented by Renaissance Homes By Ben McBee January 26, 2021

Custom home construction is made easy with the Design Studio at Renaissance Homes.

When you choose to build a house, you’re not just constructing a dwelling. At every step, it becomes a more personal expression of your unique lifestyle, as well as an investment toward making memories. For some, such an involved process can be intimidating, but with Renaissance Homes’ custom division, every phase is handled under one roof, and putting your own flair on forever is a smooth and rewarding experience.

From site evaluation to move-in day, the streamlined system puts the power in clients’ hands. Each project comes with Renaissance’s Universal Standards, a comprehensive package of high-performing and premium construction products, taking the guesswork out of selecting materials and leaving more time to tailor the home to your distinct preferences.

Ben and Suzie Shepherd realized those possibilities while touring the Street of Dreams and other model homes in Renaissance’s collection. “We knew we wanted them to build our home,” says Ben. “It was just a matter of finding the right plan and the right property.” Eventually, the couple decided to put down roots among the evergreens, on a charming lot they purchased in the attractive Lake Grove neighborhood of Lake Oswego.

The Shepherds' open-concept kitchen and dining room form the free-flowing heart of the home.

On its website, Renaissance Homes has dozens of floor plans available, from single-level to sloped lots and even multigenerational, but outside-the-box thinking is always encouraged. They can combine layouts, mix and match different elements, or come up with something completely new. The same goes for exterior designs.

With the land sorted, the Shepherds began to think about the needs and nice-to-haves for their family of five. Ample space to gather and spend quality time was a must, but so was having spots for alone time. A large yard where the kids and dog could play was another top priority. Taking all of this into consideration, they started with the Durham floor plan—two stories with four bedrooms and bathrooms—knowing they could make modifications along the way.

Circular mirrors, parquet flooring, and exposed-bulb sconces give a bathroom in the Shepherd home a modern yet timeless feel.

Throughout their house, each room maintains a sense of character, but works seamlessly and with intention. Downstairs, the open-concept kitchen and dining room form the free-flowing heart of the home. Upstairs, they tweaked the blueprints so the larger secondary bedroom, with an en suite bathroom, doesn’t share walls with any of the other bedrooms, providing plenty of teenager-approved privacy. The younger kids’ bedrooms were placed above the garage (away from the noise of the living room), taking the hassle out of early bedtimes when company is over.

Once the big-picture features were ironed out, customization efforts shifted to the finer details; Suzie brought her ideas for the secondary bathrooms to the Design Studio team, and they brought them to life, installing floating walnut cabinets and circular mirrors, as well as hexagonal tile flooring and exposed-bulb sconces.

Against the wire-brushed, wide-plank oak flooring and tile backsplash, everything in the Shepherds' kitchen space feels airy and light.

They also collaborated on touchpoints in the kitchen, including veined quartz countertops, Shaker cabinets, and an island sink. Against the wire-brushed, wide-plank oak flooring and tile backsplash, everything feels airy and light. “The picket tile was a newer design that came in, and I was so glad it became available because it’s exactly what I was looking for,” says Suzie. “We definitely wanted things more on the modern side. It’s our modern farmhouse with a midcentury twist.”

After the Shepherds’ alterations, Renaissance Homes added their new floor plan—now called Edgemont—to its diverse online catalog for other prospective clients to consider, and perhaps even adapt further to fit their own vision. With Renaissance’s expertise of more than 4,500 completed builds in the Pacific Northwest, building a one-of-a-kind house, on time and within budget, goes from dream to reality.

contact us at renaissance-homes.com or call 503-713-8422.

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