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4 Days of 420: Announcing Portland’s Best 420 Cannabis Event

Find something you’ll love at this citywide celebration of green.

Presented by Serra April 7, 2021

Find a wide array of Serra confections, like the whole fruit Gumdrops pictured here, at all participating dispensaries.

This April, dispensaries across Portland are coming together for 4 Days of 420, a celebration of all things cannabis with up to 40% off a huge selection of flower, edibles, tinctures and more.

While “420” - the well known code word for cannabis historically evokes visions of bong smoke and black light posters, 4 Days of 420 aims to appeal to a wide variety of tastes, preferences, and experiences, from the long time connoisseur to the curious newcomer. With “420” having such wide appeal among the community, it was only natural that April 20 (4/20) has been chosen as the best day for celebrating the wonders of this incredibly diverse plant. 

In the years since Oregon legalized cannabis in 2015, the plant has carved out a seat at the table among Portland’s craft brethren — food, beer, coffee, and wine.

For newcomers, there are inspired edibles made with bean-to-bar Woodblock chocolate, Jacobsen Sea Salt and Stumptown Coffee. For more experienced folks, there’s a wide range of top-shelf cannabis produced by craft growers using organic-like practices. 

The dispensaries participating in 4 Days of 420 offer a wide range of in-store shopping vibes from the luxury boutique feel of Serra, to the colorful retro 60’s vibe found at all of Electric Lettuce’s 10+ locations. Farma, located on SE Hawthorne, features a calming, minimalist environment, perfect for chatting with budtenders eager to find a product for your experience level. With a total of over 20+ dispensaries across Portland participating in the event, most Portlanders are lucky enough to have a participating dispensary conveniently located in their neighborhood. For those hoping to stick closer to home, the same awesome deals will also be honored for pickup and delivery. To learn more and order, visit 4Daysof420.com


Participating Brands: 

Electric Lettuce
Five Zero Trees
Cola Cove