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Get Back To Exploring Oregon’s Outdoors

In the heart of the South Willamette Valley, Eugene and Springfield make the perfect nearby getaway for the change of scenery you’ve been craving this year.

Presented by Eugene, Cascades & Coast April 30, 2021

 These urban hubs are located central to many adventures and are the perfect home base for exploration. Eugene and Springfield offer excellent restaurants; great craft beer, wine and spirits; and hotels that prioritize safety and comfort. 

Make sure you enjoy your travels without any hiccups! Bring a mask with you at all times, and have it ready in case you pass someone on the trails. Bring cash for any park fees and call ahead to confirm business hours and services.

 Wine Country

On the outskirts of Eugene, discover the South Willamette Valley, discover the incredible vineyards and fabulous Pinot of the South Willamette Valley. Follow the South Willamette Valley Wine Trail through rolling vineyards crowned with breathtaking views. From estate tasting rooms to urban wine bars, expand your palate and pair award-winning wines with local dishes. Don’t forget to call ahead to wineries as many are taking reservations for visits.

Waterfall Adventures

From Eugene, take Highway 58 to Oakridge and Westfir, charming mountain towns nestled in the Cascades Mountains. Trek out to Salt Creek Falls, one of the highest single drop waterfalls in the state! Pack a picnic and take in the view from the accessible platform near the top while you enjoy your snacks. If you’re looking for a longer hike, follow the trail down to the basin at the bottom of the falls, or take the Diamond Creek Falls loop to see more stunning waterfalls. 

Forest Wellness

Follow the McKenzie River upstream to immerse yourself in the Cascade Mountains. More stunning waterfalls (let’s be honest, you can never get enough), hot springs, river rafting, and the peaceful vibe from forest bathing will renew your spirits. While the landscape has changed after last year’s wildfires, this beautiful area still has much to offer. Show them your support by picking up a meal at Obsidian Grill, Ike’s Pizza, or anywhere else you pass by that calls to your taste buds.

Sandy Coastal Escapes

Head west from Eugene to fill up on ocean air and sand. Florence is about an hour drive and offers tons of seaside adventure. Start the day with a stop in Florence’s Historic Old Town area for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. Drive north along Highway 101 and discover Heceta Head Lighthouse, shining since 1892. Further up the coast sits Cape Perpetua, a viewpoint that sits at over 800 feet above sea level and boasts (in our humble opinion) the best view on Oregon Coast. Head back to Florence and order out a delicious lunch at one of the many local eateries before taking off south on 101 to explore the Oregon Dunes, a huge expanse of sand perfect for dune buggies and sandboarding.