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Four Types of Patio Covers for Any Style Home

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an outdoor space you can use all year long? Maybe it’s time to add a little living space to your home with a patio cover!

Presented by Rick's Custom Fencing May 28, 2021


In the Pacific Northwest, we love the outdoors! We’re not afraid to hike, bike, climb, kayak, and off-road our way around the state come rain or shine. But when you’re back home, looking for a cozy respite from those cold and rainy days, wouldn’t it be nice to have an outdoor space you can use all year long? Maybe it’s time to add a little living space to your home with a patio cover! But which one? Here’s a little guide to your options for the best patio cover for your home!

Rustic/Craftsman Style - The craftsman style home is one of the most timeless styles in the Pacific Northwest and one you’ll find often in Portland. With a home like this, you want to build a rustic, craftsman style cover that will compliment and accentuate the features that your home likely already has. For a Custom Wood Framed Cover, consult a patio cover specialist to help you come up with a great design that fits in your budget. The skies the limit - that is unless you want skylights which is an option – so you can really go as custom as you want with something like this.

Modern Style Homes – Homes with dark, bold colors, more stainless-steel appliances and accents, and sharp lines in the design can benefit from a modern style cover. A great locally made PNW option is an Acrilyte Cover which features a powder-coated aluminum frame available in four different finishes, and acrilyc panels that block out UV Rays while amplifying light underneath to keep your deck and home bright during the winter months.

Ranch Style – Ranch style homes often have a low roof line that can be hard to make work with just any style patio cover. Most times it requires using a bracket that places the cover on to your roof above your wall line, or may even require cutting back in to your roof to build a cover in flush with your roof. Either option can work, but each comes with a vastly different price tag. For those more budget conscious a simple solid cover with a bracket system, like the Duralum Patio Cover, can be a great option. Options for different finishes to match or contrast your home, and a different color for the under side and trim, can make this cover really compliment and add living space to your ranch style home.

Cottage or Colonial Style – Don’t forget the humble and decorative pergola when considering your patio cover needs for a home with a certain old-world charm to it. Maybe you want shade but not full rain protection, maybe you want something you can grow decorative vines on. A pergola can be a great option for an accent and functional cover, to accentuate a deck or seating area. Go-to materials in the Northwest are usually cedar for your pergola needs, but a vinyl pergola can also be a great option with less maintenance and with this style of home, they look like they are tailor-made for your yard!

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Note on Cover construction: Remember that covers over 200 square feet always require a permit to build whether attached to your home or not, and if you are building anywhere within 10’ of your property line you may want to check on the set-back rules for your neighborhood. Your local cover professional can help you come up with the best options for your needs, home style, and living space.