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One Couple Upgrades their Downtown Duplex with their Dream Closet

After downsizing from a suburban home to a downtown duplex, Tammie and Phil Borders knew efficient storage would maximize their minimal space.

Presented by California Closets May 7, 2021


After downsizing from a suburban home of 7,000 square feet to a downtown duplex of 2,800 square feet, Tammie and Phil Borders knew efficient storage would maximize their minimal space. Their new duplex required a complete gut renovation, so in addition to an architect, builder, and interior designer, Tammie called California Closets to round out her team. She and Phil were hoping for a master closet that would not only increase organization and functionality, but reflect their urban home’s aesthetic vision: clean, contemporary, and fresh.

"Since we downsized, we needed a company like California Closets to come in and utilize what little space we had. Our new house has high ceilings so they built up from the floor, which really helped us transition from a big house to a modest-sized home." - Phil Borders


Tammie met with at the local showroom to review finishes, hardware, and design options that fit the couple’s vision. From there, the design consultant designed a custom walk-in closet featuring open shelving, pull-out valet rods, scarf racks, and two tilt-out hampers. A center island offers ample drawer storage; lights inside the drawers make locating items easy. Neutral finishes with subtle textures contrast with chrome hardware for a clean-lined look that’s warm and inviting.

"Every visit to California Closets was like Christmas. I never knew what kind of surprise the designer would bring out, or what ideas she’d have. It was quite exciting." - Tammie Borders


Replete with abundant personalized storage and beautiful design, Tammie and Phil’s master closet efficiently organizes two full wardrobes while seamlessly integrating into the duplex’s contemporary aesthetic. Plus, the pull-out valet rods allow Phil to hang up an outfit the night before each workday, making for easy, stress-free mornings.

"California Closets not only met our needs for organization and functionality, but they had a flair for design and style that I didn’t anticipate. It was a welcome surprise." - Tammie Borders