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Custom Homes Open the Door to Happiness

Renaissance Custom Homes treats clients like family, making their dream house a reality.

Presented by Renaissance Homes By Ben McBee July 13, 2021

These days, everyone is spending more time at home than ever before, and many people are wishing they could have had more influence on the design of their living space. When Sarah DuBois and her partner, Matt, looked at buying a new house, they had similar dreams of finding the perfect fit, but options on the market were discouraging.

“Every house that we went to, it was always, ‘Oh, I wish it had this or that,’” DuBois says. “Nothing was exactly what we were looking for.”

Eventually, their real estate agent suggested constructing their vision from the ground up. “My partner and I both grew up in custom homes,” DuBois says. “We’ve always loved that idea, but we just didn’t know if we could afford it at this time in our lives, and it just seemed like a big deal.”

Nevertheless, they put some feelers out and ultimately decided to work with Renaissance Homes, a family-owned and -operated builder with more than 36 years of experience in the Portland metropolitan area. “At the first meeting, within the first few minutes, we just felt like we were already a part of the Renaissance family,” DuBois explains. “They took this scary, large, intimidating process and created a program that really simplifies it and gives you guardrails so it’s not super overwhelming.”

For Sarah and Matt, Renaissance demonstrated its signature hands-on approach before they had even signed a contract. As they began searching for suitable land to build on, a Renaissance employee joined their site visits to offer feedback about various things to consider. In fact, the beautiful half-acre lot with towering fir trees that they ended up purchasing was originally recommended by the Renaissance team.

With the property sorted, the couple toured a few open houses and fell in love with the Turner floor plan, a chic L-shaped farmhouse. Says DuBois, “We loved how every square inch of the house felt usable. It flowed and had this amazing outdoor living area.”

On its website, Renaissance Homes has a diverse catalog of available floor plans, from single-level to sloped lots and even multigenerational, but outside-the-box thinking is always encouraged. They can combine layouts, mix and match different elements, or come up with something completely new. The world is evolving, and so are clients’ needs. Home offices and gyms are becoming increasingly popular, as is having the master bedroom on the main floor. No question, big picture, or minute detail is off the table.

During a trip to the Renaissance Design Studio, these choices come to life. Customers can see and touch the diverse, locally sourced materials, from modern light fixtures to kitchen backsplash tile. “It’s really helpful to go into different spec homes to help you figure out what is really important to you, because there are so many decisions to make: you might not be able to do everything you want, but you can start prioritizing,” DuBois says. “It’s really helpful to do as much research as you can ahead of time, so when you go into those design sessions the time is really well spent.”

Despite supply-chain and other Covid-related issues, Sarah and Matt’s project manager kept progress moving forward. They are set to move into their dream Firwood Farmhouse in Lake Oswego, on time, at the end of July. DuBois documented the entire journey through a dedicated Instagram account, from breaking ground in December to the most recent finishing touches. She adds, “It has been moving so quickly. It’s like, every day we go to the house and something new is changing.”

The results of custom home building suit the owners' lifestyle.

Each moment is a testament to Renaissance Homes’ personal investment in every client’s happiness, as well as their dedication to building houses that reflect and support each unique lifestyle.

For more information on Renaissance Custom Homes, visit renaissance-homes.com, or call 503.713.8422.

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