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Start Your Lifelong Learning Journey at Delphian School

Delphian School has been putting learning rather than memorizing for test scores first for forty-five years in their K-12 day and boarding school.

Presented by Delphian School July 20, 2021

Delphian students sitting on the lawn in front of the Delphian School.

Image: Ana Kathrein

Innovators of the proficiency-based learning model, Delphian has been putting learning first for forty-five years in their K-12 day and boarding school. Instead of “time in a chair” being the constant and a student’s knowledge being the variable, at Delphian every student achieves 100% comprehension of every subject they study. 

Students that achieve their learning goals faster than their peers are allowed to move on to higher levels of study, and students that need more time to understand a subject are encouraged to take it. 

At Delphian, this is accomplished by experienced faculty helping students create personalized learning plans. These plans take every student’s strengths into account in order to maximize each individual’s academic and personal growth. 

The result is the perfect place for students looking to have not just great test scores, but an education they can use to accomplish their goals in college and life. Our faculty and staff maintain these high academic standards while also fostering self-confidence and creativity within each student. 

When not in the classroom students from all over the world have numerous opportunities to participate in extracurricular programs such as athletics, arts, community service, and leadership activities which provide each student with a well-balanced academic and extracurricular schedule.

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