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Health and Wellbeing Inspire Unique Open Air Design

Fresh air flowing naturally through living spaces is rare in apartment buildings.

Presented by The Canyons Apartments August 25, 2021

The Canyons' unique open air atrium bring fresh air to your front door. Natural light filters down 5 floors, and warm wood ceilings add modern luxury. 

Fresh air flowing naturally through living spaces is rare in apartment buildings. But when the architects at Kaiser + Path evaluated a location in North Portland for a new project, they wanted to create homes that would not only be sustainable for the environment, but for residents. The Canyons, a six-story apartment building, is designed to inspire a connection to air and earth, while also supporting a sense of belonging and community.

“We wanted to do something different. We saw an opportunity to offer private, modern apartments with curated services and amenities that encouraged intergenerational community,” said Jennifer Dillan, Marketing and Development Manager at Kaiser + Path. “Wood also plays a starring role here. It brings nature indoors, which is at the heart of what so many people love about living in the Pacific Northwest.”

An open air atrium runs through the center of the building, allowing light and fresh air to filter through all the floors. This series of hallways is covered, but open to the outdoors at the ends, so that when residents step out of their front doors, they are stepping into free-flowing fresh air, just as if they had stepped outside. 

The south side of The Canyons atrium is open to the outside, allowing fresh air to flow through the middle of the building. 

Isaac Frank, Community Manager at The Canyons, is a resident along with his partner and cat. He most enjoys the focus on wellbeing. “I love living here. I’ve never lived somewhere so beautiful, it’s quiet and in my favorite neighborhood. The Canyons is perfect for me,” said Frank. “We also love pets here at The Canyons,” Frank smiled.

Along with fresh air flowing through the halls, every apartment is self-contained with its own HVAC units and ductwork. “This ensures that germs are not shared across the building,” explained Frank. Common spaces are regularly cleaned and sanitized. “We are focused on making sure that the place our residents call home promotes healthy living and mental and physical wellbeing.”

As the Community Manager, Frank arranges regular activities for residents of all ages and interests, including free fitness classes, yoga and breathwork sessions, and food and wine tastings. The Wellness room is space for local massage therapists, acupuncturists, and physical therapists to offer services, along with facials and pedicures.

“One thing that has excited me most about living here is getting to know people from different generations, hearing their unique perspectives and feeling this sense of community. That’s not something you often experience in places where residents tend to be of the same generation,” said Frank. “I believe it promotes a sense of wellbeing when you have elderly and young families getting to know and value each other as neighbors.”

Located on one of the most popular corridors in Portland, The Canyons is close to shops and restaurants. New Seasons, a natural grocery store, is also right across the street.

In addition to its unique health and wellbeing features, The Canyons offers a modern, sustainable design. The building’s mass timber construction means each apartment has a warm, wood ceiling. Studies show that living with wood lowers stress, increases productivity, and improves feelings of well-being.

The Canyons offers all the joys of home without the hassles of ownership. There’s no HOA, no property taxes and no maintenance.

“Over the last year and a half, it’s meant so much to be able to breath fresh air and feel connected to nature here at The Canyons,” said Frank. 

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