Ready to celebrate the joy of being together again?  Then join in the gemütlichkeit at Mt. Angel Oktoberfest. Mt. Angel shares its love of its heritage with all ages!  Located in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Mount Angel’s Oktoberfest brings over 350,000 people to the small town with a population of 35000 every September. This is the northwest’s oldest and best loved folk festival – which celebrates the fruits of the harvest and the town’s Bavarian heritage with family fun. 

Gemütlichkeit (the joy of being in company with others) really comes alive in the entertainment venues. Dance floors are available in the Alpinegarten, Weingarten and Biergarten where world class music is live until midnight, and kids are welcome until 9:00 pm. The music is world class and varies in style from alphorns to alpine rock.  Dance a polka with a friend, or feel free to sing along to Ein Prosit, try schunkelning (swaying to and fro) on a bench with arms linked and steins in the air, these Bavarian activities are classic for a good reason.

Each day begins with a traditional Webertanz performed by local school children dressed in dirndls and lederhosen, and entertainment abounds throughout the festival.  Dance troupes show off traditional steps with grace and smiles. All are welcome to participate in the Friday and Saturday night street dances at the Bandstand when instructors help beginners learn a few steps of their own.

All that activity makes a festival goer hungry and there are 50 food booths serving the best Bavarian and local treats lining the streets.  The food booths are owned and operated by nonprofit groups who are happy to be serving their best to those who are supporting their good works.  The choices range from traditional German sausage and kraut to Russian perogies and fish tacos, Mt Angel has a wide range of ethnic groups that live locally and we celebrate that along with our German and Swiss founders.

But it is Oktoberfest, isn’t there beer? Yes! German biers, Northwest craft brew favorites, lots of wine, and a bit of cider are served in five Biergartens, each showcasing different favorites. The Hopfengarten and the Prostgarten showcase Oregon beers that are from small self-distributed brewers. The larger gartens, Biergarten, Weingarten, Alpinegarten, showcase some great German imported biers, and larger local brewers.  Not a beer drinker?  German and local wines and ciders are available too.

Need something special for the kids? Check out the Kindergarten with rides and activities.  The rides and activities are all free including giant slides, bungee trampolines, kid focused performances, face painting and more. The Kindergarten is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When the Kindergarten closes, find them an ice cream treat at the food booths; marionberry or strawberry sundaes, soft serve cones, or a hand dipped ice cream bar.

There is something for everyone at the Mount Angel Oktoberfest. Join Mt Angel Oktoberfest in sharing gemütlichkeit, the joy of being together again, Sept 16-19, 2021.