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Your Gambling Doesn’t Just Impact You. Take a Step to Regain Control. Do it for Yourself. Do it for Them.

It might just be the first step to moving forward in a positive direction.

Presented by Oregon Lottery August 20, 2021

Moving Through Uncertainty
Many of us have been looking forward to getting back to normal. As the months have passed, we’ve seen improvements over last year, maybe reuniting with family and friends, or just getting out a little more. However, this year has brought challenges of its own, causing many of us to struggle with ongoing uncertainty. If you’re feeling unsettled, spending more than you can afford on gambling, having a hard time coping, taking bigger risks, or generally behaving or acting in ways that you know are causing harm to you or your loved ones, there’s no better time than now to make some positive adjustments. Try these tips and activities that can help you minimize or stop gambling altogether.

Get Outdoors
Here in Oregon, we’re lucky to have a beautiful natural wonderland to experience every day. You can hop in the car for a quick drive to enjoy one of our more than 200 state parks. Or just step outside to take a stroll around your neighborhood for a breath of fresh air. Sometimes nature and some time with your thoughts can help set your mind at ease.

Change Your Routine
Take a different approach to how you navigate each day, and you may unlock a healthier perspective. People are creatures of habit, and if your habits do you harm, you can make progress through small adjustments. If you know there’s a time each day you turn to gambling, be intentional about scheduling something else during that time, like reading or calling friends or family.

Lean into the Goodness in Your Life
Even at our lowest points, if we are mindful, we can uncover some positives. Spend some extra time caring for your pets or send a text or a note to someone you care about. You can also spend a minute to recognize something you enjoy or used to enjoy before you were gambling. Even writing down those positive things in your life can be a good start.

Learn from Others
A quick search online offers up hundreds of videos and stories of people who’ve struggled and sought help with issues related to gambling. Watch a few videos, read some stories, and remember that you aren’t alone. There is help waiting for you when you’re ready.

Contact the Caring People at OPGR
The Oregon Problem Gambling Resource (OPGR) connects you with problem gambling help and support that’s free and effective. They can speak to you on the phone, chat with you online, or text you — all with no judgment. They’ve had real success helping Oregonians just like you to stop gambling and get their lives moving in a better direction. Just visit opgr.org when you’re ready. It might just be the first step to moving forward in a positive direction.