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New Housing Concept Reduces Stress of Modern Living

When life is busy and stressful, an extra hand or caring act can make all the difference.

Presented by The Canyons Apartments September 21, 2021

The Canyons is conveniently located on N. Williams Ave, with easy access to many activities, arts & culture, and some of the city's best food. The onsite concierge arranges unique activities every week, or can help you arrange yours!

For residents at The Canyons apartments in North Portland, knowing the onsite concierge services and staff are there when they need them offers a feeling of support rarely found in modern living. 

“Our vision for life at The Canyons is to create a multigenerational community where people enjoy their personal lifestyles, while knowing we’re here to make life a little more joyful and easier,” said Isaac Frank, Community Manager at The Canyons. “When you’re a busy parent, have limited mobility or just don’t have time, our concierge services are here to provide that extra sense of support. In today’s world, feeling supported is such a rare thing and we’re proud to be able to include that in our resident services.” 

Living close to family, while saying completely independent, makes living at The Canyons perfect for many active adults. The Canyons staff welcomes all ages, so family and friends can continue to stay and play together.

The Canyons is a six-story apartment building designed to foster community and a sense of belonging, as well as connect people to nature and the broader Portland community. Built with modern, sustainable design that includes mass timber construction, lots of wood, fresh air and calm, beautiful interiors, The Canyons inspires a sense of home and comfort. 

Onsite concierge services include everything from laundry and dry cleaning, meal delivery, reservations and car rental bookings, cooking lessons, to making appointments and arranging activities. A weekly newsletter is sent to residents so they are always aware of upcoming events. 

Dine in, eat out, join other residents to exercise, shop, or simply stroll the beautiful neighborhood.

“We’re unique in that we’re a multigenerational building, so we have residents of all ages,” Frank said. “People are surprised when they find out they can just call the concierge desk and we’ll take care of it for them. For many people, feeling supported like that is a new experience, but it makes a difference in the quality of their lives.” 

In addition to concierge services, The Canyons also arranges group events and activities for residents. Mr. Frank, who lives onsite with his family, regularly arranges for activities such as yoga, wine and food tastings, book clubs, movie nights, and holiday activities. “Personally, my family and I love living here. When we gather for group activities, I feel like I’m part of a community that really cares about each other,” said Frank. “In today’s world, that means something.”

Because The Canyons is located on a bustling corridor, where health and fitness opportunities abound, it's easy to stay active. Whether you work out in the in-house fitness room, or choose from one of the many classes down the street, wellness is well within reach.

Image: Jeremy Bitterman 

The Canyons offers all the joys of home without the hassles of ownership. There’s no HOA, no property taxes and no maintenance. Apartments are designed with health and wellbeing in mind, with individual HVAC systems, no shared ductwork, an open atrium for a continual flow of fresh air and lots of light. 

About The Canyons Apartments

The Canyons is for anyone who loves a vibrant urban lifestyle. A completely barrier-free design provides ADA accessibility within a walkable urban neighborhood. It is not age-restricted. Everyone is welcome.

LEASING: (503) 933-2442 •  MAIN: (503) 933-9424


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