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7 Sanity Saving Hacks for Organizing Your Home This Fall

Transition with Ease into Fall and Prepare for the Holidays.

Presented by California Closets of Oregon October 6, 2021

Change of Season: Organizational Tips

It's not just the leaves that change come October. As the temperature and the season changes, we find ourselves returning to the home. Autumn is a great time to reorganize many areas in the home to prepare for winter needs, holidays, and entertaining.

We spoke with Amy Bodi, Sales & Design Consultant for California Closets of Oregon specializing in the Bend area, to get some of her favorite hacks to organize herself & her clients for when the season changes. 

7 Sanity Saving Hacks

GARAGE: Pull forward Rakes & Shovels

An organized garage helps with ever-changing seasons. Make sure yard tools such as rakes, and leaf blowers are easily accessible for fall weather clean-up. Clean and wrap-up outdoor furniture. Move bicycles toward the back and skis & snowshoes forward. Invest in hooks to get these items off of the floor and keep them from toppling

Pro Tip Have a designated spot ready for plants susceptible to freezing when the temperature dips. 

MUDROOM/ENTRY: Beat the Heap at the front door

Living in the PNW we all have need for a mud room set up regardless of the size of our home. Create a dedicated spot for boots, umbrellas, and cold-weather accessories near the entrance point to your home. This can be achieved by a simple bench w/baskets below and hooks above or a full-on custom solution.

Pro Tip Don’t forget to keep towels handy for drying off your four-legged family members.

CLOSET: Go shopping at home

Create your own boutique styling by rearranging the closet to have what you wear now at the most accessible points. Relegate flip flops and sandal to a top shelf in a basket or box and have boots and closed-toe shoes down where they are easily accessible. Install hooks to feature your favorite fall accessories and jewelry that make an outfit standout.

Pro Tip As you pull-out hanged clothes, reverse the hanger. If at the end of the season the hanger is still in the reverse placement, you will know that you did not wear it all season and it is safe to donate, giving you a head start on spring cleaning!

LINEN CLOSET: Prep now for a long winter’s nap

Swap out cool, summer percale sheets for cozy flannel sheets in preparation of the cold months. Swap out beach towels for throws & blankets. While you’re at it, tidy the linen closet so guest sheets and pillows are easily identified for seasonal visitors.

Pro Tip Store guest sheet as a bundle in the in the pillowcase w/a lavender sachet to make a quick grab when it’s time to make the bed for your visitors. The lavender fragrance will eliminate any stale odors and relax the weary traveler.


Offer guests a personal experience with a welcome basket of locally made products such as coffee/tea, artisan sweets, soap, and updated reading material (like the most recent Portland Monthly) .

PANTRY: Scale up your presentation

Review favorite family recipes and purchase specialty ingredients and supplies early to beat the rush.

Prep your pantry by pulling out serve ware such as cake stands, platters, charcuterie boards and utensils at easily accessible areas so you’re not scrambling while hosting for the holidays.

Pro Tip Stock up now on specialty crackers, jams, olives, dried fruits & nuts to round out even the simplest cheese board at a moment’s notice.

GIFT WRAP STATION: Help your Inner Elf

Create a gift-wrap station where everything you need is within arm’s reach: paper, bags, scissors, tape, gift tags, ribbon, & “frill”. If you don’t have the real estate to dedicate to a permanent space, a rolling cart is a great way to keep supplies contained and can easily roll into a small closet.

Pro Tip Consider a solid color “signature” wrap that allows you to personalize for the different recipient w/colorful ribbons, bows and decorative “frill” like pinecones, evergreen branches or origami cranes.

Amy Bodi

Executive Sales & Design Consultant









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