Drink like a local with these fresh fall cocktail recipes—found in the carousel captions above—presented by the creative minds in our ChefStable community. These fun and exciting libations are inspired by classics that are either already loved or ready to be rediscovered. All of our recipes include fresh juices, infusions, and culinary techniques to elevate them to a higher level of quality. Learn more about the inspiration behind these craft cocktails from their artisan creators.

Trevor Thorpe - Bar Manager, Tasty Lake Oswego

"My focus is to create fun and exciting cocktails inspired by classics that are either already loved or ready to be rediscovered. We use fresh juices, infusions, culinary techniques and seasonal local produce to elevate our drinks to a level of quality and consistency our guests can enjoy and rely on day in and day out. I'm passionate about the cocktails I create and dedicated to generating an experience that everyone will love."

Nick Balcer - Bar Manager Lac St. Jack

"There is a lot of pride we take in the technique and precision it takes to master the classic cocktails - there's a reason they've been dubbed the classics.  Along with (and because of) that, we hope our bar program can push the envelope of haute ideas, so we can discover new takes on what modern cocktails look like - more importantly, what they taste like. Utilizing fresh ingredients, foremost, is incredibly important, and that allows us to put our own spin on cocktails by playing with unique flavors from vadouvan or persimmon vinegar, to a melon rind-infused rum . It's been really rewarding to see guests coming back, eagerly inquiring about the newest addition. It does rotate quite frequently. Of course, if there's that "buzz" about a drink we want to let it linger on the list for a bit, but we also want to cater to seasonality and have some of the buzz be linked to which flavor profile someone can explore next. It's not easy to balance, but it's worth trying to - that feeling of being taken care of, "Oh, I can go there and order something familiar," married with a foundation of trust, so the same individual might join us at the bar with confidence to try something unfamiliar or out of their comfort zone."

How Lac St. Jack Crafts its Honeydew Syrup

1 part honeydew removed from the rind, 1 part white sugar, and 0.5 part water all put into a sous vide and cooked for about 6 hours.  the dusting is all equal parts by weight grains of paradise, green peppercorn, and dehydrated lemon peels run through a spice grinder.

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