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How to Create A Lively Liquid Home Bar

Portland-based Straightaway Cocktails has the essentials.

Presented by Straightaway Cocktails November 4, 2021

Maple Old Fashioned in a rocks glass

As the season of festivities begins, you may be wondering how to entertain in style and tipple with taste. Never fear. Straightway has the liquid goods to turn your home bar into the best craft cocktail bar in town. Try this simple list of must-haves from the independently-owned aficionados.

#1) Potent and Astonishing Cocktails: Number one for any home bar is a selection of perfectly balanced drinks, of course. For holidays past, that meant buying bottle upon bottle of liquor and muddling through a million recipes. This year, Straightaway does the work for you. With world-class mixology in ready-to-drink bottles and cans, you’ll be stirring it up with your friends instead of making drinks all night. 

Straightaway doesn’t just save you bartending time – they raise your entire cocktail experience by using the highest quality ingredients in every time-honored recipe. Lemons and limes are juiced fresh. Simple syrups are made from scratch. Bitters are brewed in-house. Every detail is considered with pride and crafted with skill.
To stock your bar, choose from an ample collection of Spritz and Spirits. May we suggest the limited-edition Maple Old Fashioned. Like an ode to a winter’s night, it features buttery aged bourbon, housemade bitters of Eastern Oregon apples and caraway, and maple syrup from a small farm in Vermont. Or give the party a twist with the juicy rum Swizzle and zesty Negroni Spritz.

#2) The Nicest of Ice: No time to make anything but ice? That’s aces because it doesn’t get easier than open, pour and sip. We could wax on about how big, sexy square cubes are an Old Fashioned requirement but it’s honestly up to you. You should invest in an ice bucket, however, to avoid repeated runs to the freezer.

#3) Discerning Barware: A proper collection of rocks, martini, and highball glasses always make your cocktails shine but don’t feel beholden to your barware. While you can always drop by Straightaway to pick up a set, zero judgment if a juice glass, Grandma’s tiki set, or a coffee mug is more your speed. It’s as versatile as a cocktail can be.

A Swizzle and swinging tunes

#4) Mood and Music: Complete your home bar or cart with candles, twinkle lights, swinging tunes, and whatever makes you feel festive. Insider scoop: Straightaway has kindly curated a holiday playlist – free when you buy a gift set. After all, the more potent the gift, the more appreciated the gift giver.

Discover the ease of elevated cocktails at Straightaway Cocktails and enjoy local delivery for orders over $99. Or visit the Straightaway Tasting Room at two locations:

901 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland

7363 SW Bridgeport Rd. in Bridgeport Village across from the movie theatre.

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