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How to sell your home with ease this holiday season

Buy or sell your home in just a few clicks with Opendoor!

Presented by Opendoor November 12, 2021

Image: Opendoor.com

FROM SHOPPING FOR GIFTS to welcoming and hosting loved ones in your home, the holiday season can feel hectic. But for home buyers who have been struggling to find their dream home in Portland’s competitive housing market, November and December may prove to be a prime time for burned-out buyers seeking relief during the slower holiday season. Opendoor’s First-Time Homebuyer report revealed nearly three in five first-time homebuyers felt the market was more competitive than they expected this year.

Are you feeling stressed about buying, selling or moving during the holiday season? Whether you want to celebrate one last holiday season in your current home or host festivities in your new space, Opendoor can help.  Andy Swanton, Regional General Manager at Opendoor, notes, “With a fully digital process, you can buy or sell in just a few clicks. Especially during the busy holiday season, trying to make appointments with agents and inspectors can be near impossible. Opendoor makes it easy by doing everything virtually - from the inspection, to the walk-through, and even touring potential homes to buy.” Here’s how it works. 

Get a competitive, certain offer on your home (in minutes!)

At Opendoor, we’re streamlining the home selling process into just a few clicks online. Skip the stress of holiday cleaning and making seasonal updates to your home to get it list-ready. Visit Opendoor.com, type in your address, and provide some details about your home. From there, Opendoor will send you an estimate and if you like it, the next step is a quick video walk-through of your home. No one has to come inside, it’s completely safe, and fully contact-free.

Streamline the home inspection process

If you’ve ever had to participate in a home inspection as a seller, you know how much of a headache it can be. A typical home inspection can last anywhere from 2-2.5 hours, and usually requires difficult scheduling so that the buyer and inspector are all present. Not to mention, there is the added stress of dealing with repairs or contracts falling through. Yet, home inspections are a critical part of the home selling process.

With Opendoor, Portland home sellers have the option to conduct interior home assessments in a more efficient way with self-guided home walkthroughs. Taking only 10 minutes, you can use your smartphone or camera to take videos and photos. This experience is digital-first, asynchronous and flexible for anyone’s lifestyle.

Eliminate the stress of moving

Homeowner Giedrius R. and his fiancé dreamed about owning a home in the Portland area  for the last seven years. But when the couple was finally ready to sell their current home, they found themselves feeling worried about how they could afford their next property in Oregon’s hot housing market and what they would need to do to line up their moving timelines.

Giedrius’ situation isn’t uncommon, as we know that two-thirds of sellers are also buyers. “When we heard about Opendoor, we realized many other people had faced similar challenges. I couldn’t believe how easy the end-to-end, fully digital process was with Opendoor. From selling our home and buying a new one, our transition and move were seamless,” he says.

Rather than stressing about lining up your moving timelines, Opendoor will buy your home directly or help you list it. You control when you move and have the opportunity to choose your closing date, anytime in as few as 14 days or up to 90 days, and have the flexibility to change that date if something comes up. 

This winter, say ‘bah humbug’ to the uncertainty of financing, inspections and appraisal contingencies. Instead, ‘tis the season to sell directly to Opendoor and enjoy the feelings of certainty that come with an all-cash offer. Get started today by requesting an offer at Opendoor.com.

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