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The Spirit of Cocktails Past

Straightaway Puts a Potent Twist on Classic Drinks.

Presented by Straightaway Cocktails November 7, 2021

Even Ebenezer himself would be delighted with a spirited gift from Portland’s own Straightaway Cocktails. Every drink is researched with passionate curiosity, paying respect to time-honored recipes, and thoughtfully crafted anew with the highest quality ingredients. It’s that passion for the mixology of the past that allows Straightaway to pave the way forward with an astonishing reinvention of the cocktail experience. Here are three favorites worthy of a lively liquid season.

The Swizzle. Dating back to the 1600s in the Caribbean, the Swizzle whirled into existence when some smart tippler plucked a tiny branch off a tree to mix their juicy rum elixir. Straightaway’s version blends bright passion fruit, pineapple, and simple syrup with the spicy depths of rum. With or without a stick, the Swizzle will have your taste buds in a stir. 

The Swizzle with a pineapple and mint garnish. 

Negroni. Befitting the brambly bite of this classic cocktail, the inventor of the Negroni was quite a character. Legend has it that Camillo Negroni was an Italian Count who became a Wild West rodeo cowboy later in life.  One fine day in Florence, Count Camillo asked his bartender buddy to stiffen up an aperitif with gin. Voila! The Negroni was born. Today, the magicians at Straightaway mix gin, Crimson Snap, and housemade Sweet Vermouth for a balanced civility that will satisfy any character.

Negroni with a twist of lemon.

Maple Old Fashioned. Ironically, the original Old Fashioned was inspired by drinkers in the late 19th century who refused to change with the times. Never ones to let a cocktail go unimproved, Straightaway introduces the limited-edition Maple Old Fashioned. Marrying majestic maple syrup from Vermont, housemade bitters of Eastern Oregon apples and caraway, and buttery aged bourbon, raise a glass to your new winter tradition. And remember, the first one must be served by a friend. 

Maple Old Fashioned with an orange garnish. 

Shop a festive selection of gift sets and cocktails at Straightawaycocktails.com, now offering local delivery for orders over $99. Or stock up at the Straightaway Tasting Rooms, located at 901 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, and 7363 SW Bridgeport Rd. in Bridgeport Village across from the movie theatre.


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